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James Bond star Timothy Dalton's pregnant girlfriend has a sensational secret past, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

Beautiful Russian model Oksana Grigorieva, who is expecting the actor's baby in August, has two ex-husband's and two ex-lovers - a vicar's son and a 60-year-old ballet dancer.

Meanwhile, the family she left behind in a poverty-stricken Russian town have spoken of their concern over her relationship with movie hunk Dalton - who is almost twice her age.

"I do worry about her," said 27-year-old Oksana's mother Ludmilla from her cramped two-room flat in Saransk.

"I sometimes wish Oksana would marry a modest teacher here in Russia and not such a celebrity."

Ever since 50-year-old Dalton bumped into Oksana at a star-studded London film premiere two years ago, friends of the actor have raised eyebrows at how quickly such a previously eligible bachelor has become so smitten.

They were even more stunned when the man, who has had a string of beautiful women on his arm and is a self-confessed workaholic, announced he was sharing his Chiswick home with Oksana - and she was carrying his child.

According to friends of Oksana's family, Dalton has even asked her to marry him - but she turned him down in a bizarre dispute over a marriage contract.

As James Bond, Dalton uncovered the inner secrets of the Kremlin, but does he know that his girl who came From Russia With Love:

HAD a drug-addict first husband in Russia whom she married at the age of 19.

MARRIED graphic designer Nicholas Rowland at Brighton Register Office in 1992 - which enabled her to stay in Britain.

HAD a romance with a vicar's son in a quaint Kent village - and left a ballet dancer broken-hearted after she ditched him for Dalton.

The trail starts in the grimy industrial town of Saransk, Ukraine, 400 miles east of Moscow.

It was here, close to Stalin's Gulag death-camps, that Oksana was brought up by her parents Ptyr and Ludmilla, both music teachers.

Ludmilla also conducts an orchestra at the local chicken factory for which she is "paid" in chicken and eggs.

In his spare time dad Ptyr tends the family's potato plots - selling the produce at the local market.

Ludmilla said: "We brought her up in the old Russian way - to be honest, straightforward, hard-working and kind."

Oksana, slim, 5ft 8in with lustrous long, dark hair, studied music and dance and went on to teach it.

Since arriving in London she has moved into modelling and acting.

Ludmilla refused to talk about her daughter's marriages, but neighbours in Saransk revealed her first husband was a drug addict. The marriage lasted six months.

Her mum did acknowledge that her daughter had a string of boyfriends.

One was in the Russian city of Kazan, where she attended the world famous Conservatory - the equivalent of our RADA.

Ludmilla said: "She used to have half the city at her feet, but she was never that kind of girl.

"She had a boyfriend in Kazan who was madly in love with her."

Their love life was stormy. Neighbours tell how the boyfriend once smashed a window in the family's flat.

One neighbour, called Anya, said: "A boy came to our apartment block and Oksana didn't want to see him. He was so desperate that he broke the window trying to get in."

Ludmilla declined to discuss the incident, but admitted: "Oksana also had a romance with a violinist from an orchestra in Moscow."

This man, much older than Oksana, visited her in London while on tour.

Ludmilla said: "There were boys all round Saransk who were madly in love with her, but she was always a pure, innocent girl."

She revealed that when Oksana was about 15, the two of them watched Dalton in Jane Eyre on Russian TV.

"We were both charmed by Timothy - as was the majority of the female population of Russia."

Eventually life in Saransk became too dull for Oksana, who was fascinated by Western culture.

Her devoted parents introduced her to Sergei Kuzmin, who runs the Union international exchange centre in Saransk.

He put her in touch with Elizabeth Hoodless, of the Community Service Volunteers organisation, and then accompanied 20-year-old Oksana on the plane to London.

She was given the job of looking after Elizabeth's elderly parents, who lived in Shoreham, near Sevenoaks, Kent. "But she hated it," said Sergei. "She took the first opportunity to get out.

"The work was too hard and there was nothing creative for her to do."

He claimed Oksana took jobs in pubs and with a designer clothes company - even though her visa conditions meant she should not do such work.

Ms Hoodless had a different version of Oksana's time with her parents.

She told the Sunday Mirror: "She was a bit lazy and didn't really understand her duties.

"One day she asked my parents to run a few errands for her such as taking her camera film to be developed.

"They had to remind her that she was supposed to be looking after them.

"She left long before her year was up and went to work for a family in Hampshire .

"She felt she'd be more appreciated and better paid with them but it's fair to say my parents were not unhappy to see her go."

During her three-month stay in Shoreham Oksana's stunning figure caught the eye of shy Matthew Simmons, whose father Rev Barry Simmons was vicar of the village's St Peter And St Paul Church.

Matthew's mum Barbara has nothing but praise for Oksana, whom she describes as "sweet and charming".

She said: "Her image was rather prim and she wore her hair up and had glasses. I introduced her to Matthew because they were of a similar age - but she soon changed her appearance.

"We came home one night to find her looking very different without her glasses and her hair down. She was beautiful."

Matthew, 32, who is now teaching in Malaysia, said: "We were boyfriend and girlfriend, but I don't want to say too much about that.

"It was her first trip to Western Europe and she was very naive.

"I took her to London a few times and she loved looking at designer clothes shops.

"When she first arrived in Shoreham, her dress was very Russian, but by the time she left she was wearing fashionable jeans and tops.

"We called her `Sana'. She was a good-time girl and fun to be with. One night we went to a pub in a rough part of Essex and she put a rock song on the juke box and started dancing to it.

"Everyone in the pub was staring at her as if she was from another planet but it didn't seem to bother her.

"Her most striking feature was her beauty. She really was very attractive. I'm not at all surprised Dalton has fallen for her.

"I joked to her that she would make me a millionaire because I would be her agent and she would become a supermodel."

The couple eventually split and Oksana took up a new job in Hampshire.

Within a matter of weeks she married Nicholas Rowland at Brighton Register Office on April 6, 1992 .

The marriage soon ended in divorce.

Mr Rowland - known to friends as `Rolo" - was last week reluctant to talk about Oksana.

But his best friend Andrew Aldridge said: "She stayed with me for six months before marrying Rolo.

"He and I are very good friends and go back 30 years. He and Oksana kept in touch after they broke up - but that eventually petered out."

It was around this time, says her mum, that Oksana was receiving lucrative offers to pose in erotic magazines. Ludmilla said: "She always refused despite the good money. She couldn't step over her own nature."

She added: "There were many times Oksana regretted staying in Britain.

"But she's very proud. She was ashamed of coming back with nothing."

Instead Oksana, who gave her occupation on her marriage certificate as a music teacher, saved her money and went to the Royal College of Music in London.

A Russian tutor, Irina Zaritskaya, introduced her to a retired ballet dancer in his sixties. And Oksana moved in with him.

Sergei Kuzmin, the man who arranged her passage to England, said: "He was madly in love with her ...and still is."

Ludmilla said: "Until recently he telephoned me to say how desperately he regrets that she left him.

"He wants to know if there's anything I can do to convince her to go back to him."

Kuzmin said: "He introduced Oksana to high society in London. She met Patrick Lichfield and posed for something called the Royal calendar."

Okasana was now working under the name Sacha Chernuha, which she later changed back to Oksana but adopted a different surname - Grigorieva.

It was at this point that Bond - alias Timothy Dalton - came on the scene.

Oksana went to a party in London for the film premiere of Burned By The Sun. Ludmilla said: "Timothy arrived close to midnight. They met as Oksana was saying goodnight to her sister Natasha.

"Everything happened as if in a fairytale. The Prince noticed a Cinderella leaving and asked if she would be coming back.

"Later, they spent the whole night talking to each other.

"Timothy had to go to Japan but kept calling Oksana.

"When he came back, he found her and they've been together ever since.

"He's happy and she's in love with a wonderful man. So I'm glad for her at the moment but I just do not know what will happen.

"I never expected her to become as prominent and to live with such a famous actor.

"I do worry about her. I still do not know what will become of her.

"They are still not married - and she is very far from me."

Friends in Saransk say Ludmilla has confided to them the true reason the couple are not married, even though a baby is due soon.

One said: "Oksana doesn't want to get married since she was offended by Timothy Dalton's offer of a marriage contract."

It seems this would have laid down Oksana's rights should the couple divorce. The friend added: "She was upset by this because she is an independent girl - and that's not her reason for being with him.

"Now he's still trying to convince her that they should get married."

Ludmilla said: "I have always believed she is doing the right thing.

"She is a thoughtful person.

"She doesn't support us with money, but she always sends us presents.

"In Britain, she is self- sufficient and lives on her own earnings."

Ludmilla has been to London once - ironically at the time when Oksana met Dalton. But she never met the actor.

Meanwhile Oksana has concentrated on acting, recently appearing in two low-budget British movies - Looking For Atlantis and Pushka And The Sandtrap.

Friend say that despite visiting Dalton on location and joining him on trips to Europe, Ireland and the Caribbean, she is insistent his name should not be used to open doors for her. Dalton's latest film The Beautician And The Beast opened r ecently in the US and is expected to be screened here later this year.

Since making his name as 007 in Licence To Kill and The Living Daylights, the heart-throb actor has played Rhett Butler in the pounds 25 million follow- up to Gone With The Wind and is lining up roles in other Hollywood films.

As for his relationship with Oksana, one of Dalton's friends was recently quoted as saying: "When they met, they struck up an instant rapport.

"Oksana had been living with another man but I don't think it was going very well when she met Tim.

"When you see them together, you know it's serious.

"I was at a dinner party with them and there were lots of looks between them across the table.

"They seemed to be looking out for each other.

"Although they enjoyed the party, it seemed they couldn't wait to go off by themselves.

"Tim spent his Bond days fighting the KGB and trying to outwit the Russian girls.

"Now he's having a baby with one. I suppose that's what they everyone means by Glasnost."
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