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FROM MAGS TO RICHES; We trace the girls who were first to be voted the world's sexiest babes .. and see what difference six years make.


WAY back in 1995, men's magazine FHM kicked off a trend when it published its first list of beautiful babes.

They were supposedly the world's sexiest women - but it's amazing what a difference six years can make in the fickle world of showbiz.

After the women were immortalised in the legendary Top 10, some were very quickly forgotten.

In 1995, German supermodel Claudia Schiffer was voted the sexiest woman of all time, beating Princess Diana and Madonna in the FHM poll. Back then, a magazine spokesman said: "Sexiness is more than just plain raunchiness, otherwise Madonna would be number one. It is far more intangible. Some women are sexy without even trying."

The judging panel of 250 men included DJ Chris Evans, musician Jools Holland and rugby star Victor Ubogu.

But although Claudia Schiffer would still probably make it into many men's Top 10, some of the other finalists have dropped into obscurity.

Few will remember porn star Tabatha Cash, who got to number six, and while Demi Moore was then considered at the peak of her acting career, she's since almost disappeared from view after a string of movie flops.

And even those who are still considered beauties have been through a few changes in their lives.

At the time, Claudia was all set to become Mrs Copperfield in 1995 after a long engagement to magician David.

She was also promoting the New York Fashion Cafe with fellow supermodels Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson and Christy Turlington, but both the relationship and the business venture have hit the rocks in the years since then.

Here, we take a look at the winners and losers from FHM's Top 10 Sexiest Women from 1995.


AFTER her much-publicised engagement to magician David Copperfield, Claudia Schiffer has kept a low-profile where her new relationship is concerned. She has been with film producer Matthew Vaughn since the start of the year and they are set to marry in December. Claudia is also in the movie business now - she has just finished playing a participant on a Blind Date game show in a film opposite Steve Martin.


IN 1995, Uma Thurman was riding high on the success of Pulp Fiction and dating Timothy Hutton, but she's been with Ethan Hawke for four years and is now pregnant with their second child. She hasn't had another major hit movie, but is due to work with Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill after she's had her baby.


SHE was in the public eye in 1995 after starring in skydiving film Terminal Velocity - but Nastassja Kinski's career has been in freefall since then. Movies such as Fathers' Day and One Night Stand have failed to save the German-born mum-of-three from made-for-TV movie oblivion.


LIZ HURLEY was a wronged woman in 1995 - it was the year Hugh Grant was caught with a hooker. She was also the face of Estee Lauder, as well as a struggling actress. Of course, she's since split up with Grant and has been dropped by Estee Lauder, but enjoyed success by appearing in both Austin Powers movies.


SIX years ago, Michelle Pfieffer had just had just adopted a daughter and settled down with husband David Kelley. Since then, she's had a son - and a run of films which didn't set the box office alight, including Up Close And Personal and One Fine Day. But she was back in form with the recent thriller What Lies Beneath.


PORN star Tabatha Cash romped her way to fame and fortune in 150 hardcore movies - at the height of her fame, Algerian-born Tabatha was raking in pounds 12,000 a month. She landed a porn magnate for a husband and quickly became a favourite of Channel 4's Eurotrash. Her star isn't shining quite as brightly, the self-confessed prostitute has set up her own campaign against Aids. She is also a popular hit on the Internet.


DEMI MOORE had it all in 1995 - a happy marriage and fantastic career prospects in the wake of Ghost, Indecent Proposal and those Vanity Fair magazine covers. But she split up with Bruce Willis in 1998 and her career has slumped after playing a stripper in the flop Striptease and a shaven-headed GI Jane.


SPLASH star Daryl Hannah was still a bankable star in 1995, but she faded into near-anonymity until appearing last year as The Girl in the West End stage production of The Seven Year Itch. After that, she worked at a strip club to prepare for her role as an erotic dancer in Dancing At The Blue Iguana, to be released at the end of this year.


VETERAN Dr Zhivago star Julie Christie was something of a recluse in 1995, but she won critical acclaim as Gertrude in Kenneth Branagh's 1996 adaptation of Hamlet and was nominated for an Oscar two years later for her role in Afterglow. She will be back in the spotlight when Dr Zhivago is remade next year.


BUSTY temptress Sherilyn Fenn was an object of desire - and the butt of lads' jokes - in 1995 as a result of her role in Twin Peaks. She's starred in a string of minor films, including Boxing Helena, and guested on Friends, but her main role now is mum to son Myles.
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