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FROM A TO Z ON THE NET The Purple Pages.

This is not the Yellow Pages. This is your guide to the most fun, useful, and thought-provoking Web sites for teens.


For every cool site you click to, there's another slow-loading dud that will waste your time. So we took it upon ourselves to check out every site we humanly could and then squeeze as many in here as possible. OK, we assumed that you probably know the biggies, like (every book, plus toys, music, and, of course, power tools) and (a really easy-to-use search engine for all the stuff we didn't cover--aardvark fans, for example, are going to be disappointed with our guide). And you may know that you can get free e-mail (the biggest is And of course there's (online auctions of everything from computer games to, and we swear this is true, dog hair).

We're pretty sure you know that each of these sites has a ton of lesser-known competitors, and that every channel you watch on TV, and every movie you go to see, and pretty much every store you shop in has a site.

In fact, you can probably tell us a thing or two about cool places to go to on the Web. So do it in an e-mail (send it to We want to know what's going on in your cyberheads for the next Purple Pages. :)



This site for teen activists is run by 15-year-old Phoebe, who explains, "I'm totally devoted to politics. I've been organizing, protesting, and bringing people together to change things since kindergarten." Covers issues that affect teens, such as curfews, drinking and driving, and the presidential election.

Become a cyberactivist for Greenpeace, the international environmental organization. Learn about controversies and send e-mail to environmental villains.

Every 3.6 seconds, someone in the world dies of hunger. Every time a country dims on the site's world map it means a person there is dying from lack of food, most likely a child under 5. What can you do? Just click on the `donate free food' button and a business will donate 2 1/4 cups of food. On some days, the site raises over 1 million cups!


Picture a slick fashion ad featuring sheep instead of supermodels. The tag line reads: "Tommy Hilfiger: follow the flock." Dedicated to fighting the power of American consumer culture, Adbusters creates cool and cutting "uncommercials" and ad spoofs -- all thought-provoking and funny.

If you've been saying "wazzzup?" because of a certain beverage commercial, you'll want to check out this site, which lets you watch the funniest and coolest commercials around.


buff & tuff

Even the most inactive among us might be motivated by this fitness Web site. It has everything from free personal training and weight-loss plans to info on sports and exercise programs.


cash for college

Getting into college is one thing, paying for it is another This site has a huge amount of financial-aid information, plus comprehensive links to other relevant sites.

This award-winning site may be the most comprehensive annotated collection of information about student financial aid on the Web. You can even fill out those horrible, tedious forms online. And it's free!

celebrity thangs

Discover juicy tidbits and fun facts about your favorite supermodel, actor, sports star, or band. Links to thousands of celebrity Web sites.

Over 18,000 celebrity e-mail addresses. Plus you can chat with other fans. You never know, someone might answer you. After all, even the most fabulously famous like to hear, "You've got mail."


Did you ever wonder what breed of dog would be perfect for you? Are you searching for a Gila monster to call your very own? Can't decide between a hamster and a gerbil? Get all your animal needs together at this pet site.


doctor is in normal/acne.html

Practically a pimple portal. This site dispels acne myths (eating French fries and pizza doesn't cause it) and gives you advice about what to do if a zit pops up (don't pick it).

http://library.thinkguest. org/29500/

Teenage Health Interactive Network is a teen-made site with all the health and wellness information you could possibly need. Topics include addictions, diseases, fitness, and personal care. You can also e-mail any question and it will be answered by a health professional.

If you or a friend is suffering from an eating disorder, this is a great place to get information, help, and support. It includes tons of questionnaires, special areas dedicated to guys with eating disorders, and comprehensive links.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is an organization dedicated to preventing underage drinking and drug use. It focuses on the potentially life-threatening consequences of not wearing a safety belt, smoking, steroid use, violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and suicidal depression. Join a chapter, start a chapter, or get more information right here.



Nothing fancy here. Just good old-fashioned nutritional information on your favorite fast food. The search tool allows you to look for the lowest-fat items or the highest.

In a bizarre twist on the idea that anything homemade is better, this site reveals the secret recipes of your favorite junk food. Freak out your friends and family by making an exact replica of a Taco Bell chalupa right in your own kitchen. Then complete the feast with homemade Girl Scout cookies for dessert.



Now you can go to the mall without going to the mall. Not just clothes, but the scene. Will three-quarter lengths be in this summer? Ask the gurls in the lounge.

Guys normally get shortchanged on the fashion circuit, but not at bluefly. Name your designer, even your cousin's own skateboard company, and odds are bluefly has it. Tell them your taste, and they'll customize a catalogue just for you. (Yeah, yeah, it has stuff for girls too.)

freaking out

A place to express your feelings, tell your stories, and get advice from other teens.

Ask anything you need to know about relationships, emotional health, fitness, nutrition, substance abuse, and health. Answers come from health educators at Columbia University.

For young gays and lesbians who have trouble coping, here's a site that understands.

free stuff

How about free Internet access? The catch is that while you're online with NetZero, there's an irremovable ad covering part of your screen. If you can live with that minor annoyance, though, it's free, free, free.

You can have Elvis arrive on your screen when you have left the building. This and many other free screen savers, as well as free wallpapers and browser skins.

Like a giant apple for bookworms, the book cart is a free paperback exchange. The complicated debit/credit system for giving away old books and getting new ones can be boiled down to this: at its best, you get new books and money back, at its worst, it costs you 23 cents.



The virtual walls of Gamepro Monthly are covered with 64-bit action. Use their "cheats" section to find the secret codes for N64, Dreamcast, Playstation, and many more games. Also: reviews, previews, and industry gossip.

Still the reigning leader in video gaming, Nintendo uses its site to serve up user assistance, a full-product store, and the code of the week.


If you've ever wondered how to get Lauryn Hill's smoky-looking eyes, this would be the place to go immediately.

You don't have to buy any beauty products at all to get your virtual makeover, but if you need makeup this site has it all.

global villages

Even if you're only packing a handkerchief tied to a stick, don't forget to take this address with you. Let's Go, the perennial champion of young people's travel guides, tells you where to go and what to see, plus message boards that let you meet up with fellow travelers.

If you can't make it to another country, bring another country to you. Host an international exchange student. You can even meet them online and learn how to say "willkommen" before they step off the plane.

Would you like to be able to write to your pen pal in French? How about Urdu? This site links you to translating programs where you can turn your English into thousands of different languages.


Sports, music, contests, news, advice. All girls. All attitude. All the time.

Supercool and in your face. Try out Feed the Supermodel, where you click on different foods and watch a famous waif grow fatter.


help wanted!

Enter your ZIP code and the kind of work you would like to do and get back a list of places that need volunteers.

This site has thousands of listings for cool summer jobs. Work in a national park or an Alaska fishing camp, or volunteer as an environmental activist.

help! homework!

This isn't homework made simple. It's homework made more interesting. A huge resource for anything, but the best part might be the multimedia directory that links you to sources you might never think of. Round out your next term paper with archival sound references and images from extensive photo libraries.

higher education edu/college/

U.S. News and World Report's famous college rankings are all here. But what makes this site truly handy is that it allows you to do everything from finding a college that matches your personality, to calculating your GPA. Plus insider tips on the application process, financial-aid info, and more.

No need to exhaust yourself crisscrossing the country touring colleges. Just sit back, click on the school of your choice, and go on a virtual tour.

Apply to college over the Web or review, compare, and sort schools according to detailed profiles. Now all you have to do is write your essay.


in the stars

Don't leave the house just yet. Find out if your planets are properly aligned and what the stars have in store for you. If you're planning something really big, ask the tarots.

it's history

The entire history of the world in a time-line. Start back in prehistory and see that moment 70,000 years ago when Man and Woman first put on clothes. From there, it's a wild and wacky ride to the present, with so many wars and plagues that it's a wonder we're even here to think about it.


just joking

This hilarious, irreverent newspaper spoof is so well done that after you read it for a while, straight news starts to seem like the joke. You can't beat the deadpan headlines, but unlike most parodies, the stories themselves are just as funny.

http://shadow.leor.berkeley. edu/humor/

Seeing that you can get practically everything customized, why not jokes? This site uses statistical techniques to recommend jokes based on your ratings of a set of sample jokes. tvshows/mini/lateshow/index. html

From the home office, all of David Letterman's Top Ten lists. Scan the archives for classics: Top Ten Ways to Make School More Appealing to Teenagers: No. 10-In biology class, dissect least-popular student.


killing time

Having trouble remembering your phone number? Sick of having your identity reduced to seven cold digits? With just a click, Phonetic finds your phone number's alphabetical keypad equivalents.

Playing the Hollywood Stock Exchange is almost exactly like playing the real stock exchange, except that you start with 2 million Hollywood dollars and the stocks that you buy and sell are movies and stars. If you make an entertainment fortune, you can spend your Hollywood dollars for stuff offered right at the site.

www.fbi.qov/ mostwanted.htm

This FBI most-wanted list is weirdly fascinating and totally scary. Though the chances are pretty small that you'll actually spot one of these armed and dangerous criminals and then collect the $50,000 reward, you never know who might be lurking in your local convenience store.



When you agree with someone in cyberspace, all you have to say is "GMTA." If you think they are "gonking" you, you might want to say "GTGB." If you don't know what these words mean, or if you want to brush up on your Netspeak, this site's 4U. online_slang_dictionary/

By the time Webster's publishes a slang word in its dictionary, the people using it are collecting Social Security. With the Online Slang Dictionary here, you'll he uttering buzzwords from the Bay Area before they reach the East Coast. It's Hella Tight.

live! poetry .html

Are you having trouble finding the perfect rhyme? Just type in a word and pick which syllable you are looking to rhyme with. index.html

Icon Poet is a wild way to write a cool poem. You supply the structure by clicking on a grid of grammatical terms, and the program randomly spits out language. The best part is, no matter what comes out it ends up sounding profound.


movie mania


The insider's guide to Hollywood. Get the latest buzz on what's out, what's coming soon, and what's in the works.

Has your computer ever asked, "Are you talking to me?" It will if you download Robert De Niro's voice from moviesounds. Thousands of archived sound bytes from the history of movies, from Beavis & Butthead to Casablanca.

The definitive source on all things Star Wars. Legend has it that George Lucas checked here to find out when Episode I was coming out.


net lucky

At this site, find what you want -- and ways to win it! This searchable database of Internet contest giveaways helps you navigate a minefield of empty offers and booby prizes.

Take on the math, trivia, or word quizzes here, and you'll be eligible to enter a weekly drawing for a $100 cash prize.

The ThinkQuest Internet Challenge is an international contest for teens. Get a team together to create an educational Web site and you'll be in the running for scholarships and awards totaling more than $1 million.


opposite sex

Your love life made simple. All you have to do is tell ecrush the name of whomever you have a crush on. Then ecrush sends that person a message telling them "someone" likes them. If the person admits liking you, it's a match.

Send your honey a virtual kiss. Or if you don't have a honey, get plenty of dating advice.


party down

Set up a party online! Evite suggests hundreds of party themes, sends out your invitations, coordinates what everybody is wearing, and even lets your invitees vote on when to get together.

politically correct

Teens should be seen and not heard. As if! You don't have to be 18 to speak out. Not only does Rock the Vote fill you in on the issues of the world you stand to inherit, but volunteer to register voters and they'll send you to concerts, free. students.html

Adam Sandier can't hold a candle to the political song parodies from Capitol Steps. Hear such classics as "Happy Monica" and "Who'll Stop McCain?" (sung to "Who'll Stop the Rain?") After all, it ain't over till the First Lady sings.

You can e-mail your U.S. Senator directly and say what's on your mind. Maybe someday our entire government will work this way. extra/president/index.html

Run for President. Pit your campaigning skills against Bush and Gore. Answer 15 questions about your candidacy, and win the general election. If you get stumped, you can poll the electorate or ask an adviser.

psych 101

Personality-related tests, health tests, visual memory tests-they're all here. Get a complete picture of who you are and what you know.

Tests galore. Find out once and for all the answers to these pressing questions: What breed of dog are you? What is your fashion sense? Are you afraid of success? Are you sure you're you?

quiz show

Whether you're the next Faulkner or just plain lucky, enter brainflash's array of contests to fit your talent. Prizes include mountain bikes, in-line skates, and trips around the country.

Survey says ... game-show freaks love Play Family Feud, trivia games, or site favorite Picture This. You can even challenge other players from across the globe on Uproar's international game sites to win valuable prizes.

Bingo, anyone? Trivia Mania? Blackjack? Rat Race? Play games online and win icoins. Use your icoins to buy raffle tickets for prizes. You might just end up with a new computer, a stereo system, or maybe, if you're really, really lucky, a Porsche.


?? que pasa?

Become an aspirante and join aspira's network of 25,000 Latino youth striving to become leaders in their communities. Aspira specializes in activism and community organizing for Puerto Ricans and other Latino teens.


really useful

Before 1600 A.D., encyclopedias were limited to use by a small group of well-educated royals. Now, the Encyclopedia Britannica is available to you on the Web for free. This is the information age.

Oh, those pesky measurement conversions. Was it pints to meters? Yards to pounds? Or gigawats to ampoules? If it's all Greek to you, this site will convert, explain, and ease the pain.

Maps. No, more than maps. Pick a country, city, or region and get maps of the terrain, maps of the political geography, a history of the area, economic information, population statistics, cultural descriptions, and other useful data.

Trying to find the right quote to begin your term paper? Bartleby has full-text versions of classic literary works, as well as an online version of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. Search the quotation database by keyword or author.


show us the money

There are a lot of people out there who are trying to get you to part with your money. Avoid getting ripped off by getting the inside scoop here on music clubs, modeling agencies, Internet scams, and credit cards.


Bank, shop, and donate online, even if you're under 18. All you have to do is convince your parents to deposit money in an account for you. If you can sell them on the idea, it's like having your own online credit card. Woohoo!


Smell what The Rock is cooking right here in the WWF's own kitchen. Bios of superstars, Wrestlemania news, and Webcasts galore.

This xtreme sports webzine's live Skate Cam will flip you sidewayz. And if you're still game after that, download Heckler's ramp-building plans and go get yourself some plywood!

Up-to-the-minute scores, expert analysis, and every statistic an armchair quarterback could dream up. It makes you wonder: Is it better to be at the game, or on olympicgames

It's five rings time again this year. Get ready for all the action from Sydney, Australia, on -- shameless plug here -- Scholastic's special Olympic site.


teen scenes

Written by teens for teens. Gil and Tariq cover the Money and Careers sections, while Erica and F.o.N. guide you through the aisles of your local music store without letting you fall off the boat.

The biggest and the baddest of the teen hubs is not for the lame. This all-day, all-night party is riding the crest of the cutting-edge wave, from clothing to scenesters. Every day another Bolt member is featured on the homepage.

Alloy is not as in-your-face hip as Bolt. It's got a subtler confidence to it. Call it less rebellious and more mature. Especially the advice boards. Features all the standard chats and sales.

Are you sick of hearing about Britney and 'N Sync? You'll be refreshed to find that react prefers to put Beck on its homepage. This music-, entertainment-, and sports-heavy hangout site appeals to less-mainstream surfers.

Log on with Australian teens and chill out in a bihemispheric setting. Be sure not to miss the Ask a Guy/Ask a Girl forums, where you can pose all those secret or not-so-secret questions you've always wanted to ask and get candid answers from other teens.


Like CD shopping for voyeurs. This site retains the entire digital music collections from anyone who has ever logged on to it. "Steal" mp3s from complete strangers. Upload your own catalogue for the world to marvel at your exquisite taste.

The 411 on hip-hop slang. Plus tons of rap-related info. This site is all that.

Break out your lighters and earplugs. Wilma's extensive listing of concerts will help you be first in line when Limp Bizkit comes to town. Tell them your favorite bands, and they'll give you a shout-out before the tour bus rolls down your block.

From cowpunk to Madchester to techno -- if there were any more musical sub-genres listed on allmusic, every band would have its own category.


urban legends

True or False: Alligators live in the sewers of New York City. To find out, go to this exhaustive site, which investigates every urban legend and tries to get the inside story of how it got started in the first place.


vegging out HotSprings/2657/

Teen vegetarians unite! More than just recipes, this site embraces the veggie movement with pen pals, politics, and animal-rights info.


weird & wacky

Fact truly is stranger than fiction. Read how and why a baby vibrated off a washing machine in a bizarre attempt at car safety. If you have weird news of your own, they'll consider it for publication.

Does a vexing moral issue trouble you? Submit your problem to Forum 2000 and receive advice from (simulations of) such great thinkers as Plato, Pikachu, and Ricky Martin. Their motto: "When you're just too busy surfing to solve your own problems."


Peek inside the apartment of a guy named Josh in Seattle, Washington. Check out tourists in Moscow's Red Square. These are just two of the Webcams linked to this directory.



Somewhere in Arizona, scientists are listening for the little green men. You can listen too at the homepage for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Want the real dirt on whether there's life on Mars? If they can ever land a probe and not lose it, NASA will certainly be the first to know. Their site also offers Space Shuttle launch schedules and a full compendium of scientific information on space, the final frontier.


yo, word! index.html

The Internet Anagram Server (or Rearrangement Servant) will take your every word and find every possible anagram.



Zines are supposed to be grassroots, which means that factsheet5 is a grassroots organizer. Zine-making tips, as well as suggestions on how to distribute your masterpiece.

Xenith gets props for being the premiere compilation of teen poetry, prose, rants, and raves. Follow their stories, e-mail the authors with your feedback, and submit your own compositions.

Logging on to this site is like barreling into hyperspace. The exhaustive listing of content is only dwarfed by the sleek, shiny stylings and sonic accoutrements. The coolest thing about it is that the founder of the company is only 19!
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