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FRIP Sets Up Holo-Stamp Plant.

British company Foil Ribbon & Impact Printing Ltd (FRIP) has established Hologram Security Printing as a specialist security hot-stamping house. HSP started operations in July in a new facility in Hinckley, Leicestershire, where it is running a Bobst 102 BMA Foilmaster press with six independent foil lines, each with holographic register devices. The company is also running Starfoil Victorias (an ITW company), Kluges and Heidelberg GTP presses with registration equipment.

FRIP was founded in 1971 in Scotland by Duncan Gibson and it remains a family business. Originally established to meet the foiling needs of the Scotch whisky producers, it was one of the first to hot-stamp holograms, laying down the Hailey's Comet hologram in 1983 -- hand cutting the foil and hand-feeding for registration, as current managing director Leslie Gibson told Holography News. The company had a turnover of around [pound]3M ($4.3M) in 2000, of which around 10% was holographic stamping. Gibson, who will be based in Hinckley to run HSP, said that they see substantial growth potential and plan to move into the high security sector, including banknotes. He also sees a market in brand protection, particularly in the tobacco and spirits business.

In 1987 FRIP introduced a hologram registration device, but this was a diversion from their main business as a stamper and finisher, so they gave up the equipment sector within a few years. But they have maintained their involvement and expertise in holographic stamping and now hope to build on that in the British and European markets. They are recruiting technical and sales staff for the new operation.

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Title Annotation:Foil Ribbon & Impact Printing Ltd. establishes Hologram Security Printing
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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