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COVENTRY and Wawickshire was at its spooky best yesterday as costumes were donned and pumpkins were carved for Halloween.

We asked our readers to share photos of themselves celebrating the occasion - whether they were dressing up for a ghastly night on the town, for a spooky day at work, or taking their little horrors trick-or-treating.

We were astonished by the pumpkin artwork on show - check out some of the talented carving going on across the region!

Here are some of the best pictures we received. You can find more online at


Kyla as Harley Quinn

Emma O'Sullivan's spooky pumpkins

The staff at Boss Shoes in Coventry

Kate Hudson of Wyken is the proud mum of these little monsters, Ethan, 3, Imogen, 6 and Lauren, 5

Sarah Taylor's little monsters

Kelly Stopforth and friend

Adelle Cappola said: "My sister dressed as ouija board and her son as a Storm Trooper, I'm dressed as Tinkerbell and my daughter is Spider Girl."

Sully's Sips...

University of Warwick Game of Thrones Society pays tribute to the White Walkers

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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Nov 1, 2017
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