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MEETING BRYN TERFEL BBC Four 7.30pm Classical performers may get the respect of their audiences and rave reviews, but they don't often get the perks associated with being a pop star. One possible exception is Bryn Terfel - okay, so he's not being mobbed by screaming girls or being asked to be a guest judge on The X Factor (yet), but he does have a festival named after him, BynFest. The four nights of concerts, curated by Terfel, took place in the rather civilised surrounds of London's Southbank Centre. Matthew Stadlen was there to speak to the Welsh bass-baritone as he prepared to take to the stage, finding out what makes him tick.

POBOL Y CWM S4C, 8pm Mae cynllun Garry i gosbi Gwyneth am ddechrau'r tn a laddodd Brandon yn dwyn ffrwyth ym mhennod ddiweddaraf y gyfres. Llwydda Garry i'w pherswadio i adael iddo fe edrych ar l Gwern am y prynhawn - ac mae hunllef fwyaf Gwyneth ar fin cymryd cam eithafol. Aiff Gwyneth i gysylltu 'r heddlu, ond mae Garry wedi meddwl am bopeth, ac mae'n darganfod ei bod hi nawr dan amheuaeth am lofruddiaeth Brandon. Mae Kevin yn trefnu penwythnos rhamantus i ffwrdd gyda Debbie - ond a fydd y ddau'n llwyddo i fynd a mwynhau amser yng nghwmni ei gilydd? FULL METAL JOUSTING History, 9pm Despite what some bungee jumpers may have you believe, extreme sports weren't invented in the 1990s. In fact, by the standards of the middle ages, tying yourself to a rope and throwing yourself off a bridge would seem quite sensible. That's because medieval dare devils were busy indulging in one of the most dangerous sports in history - jousting. Now History is reviving the pastime for this programme, which invites 16 jousters to compete for a pounds 25,000 prize. That's a lot of money, but then it needs to be to make the risks worthwhile. Even if you're wearing a suit of armour, colliding with another 'knight' at 30 miles an hour puts you at risk of serious injury. Still, these riders aren't about to be put off as they grab their lances, try to de-horse their rivals and win the cash. It will make for thrilling viewing, just don't expect to see it in the 2016 Rio Olympics.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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