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Do you remember how you felt when one of your childhoood dreams was crushed? Like the day you found out Father Christmas didn't exist ... or when you finally sussed that maybe you'd never play at Wembley or star on Top of the Pops?

I recently relived that feeling of utter disappointment when I read that Tom Cruise aka miniature Hollywood sex symbol and leading man of classic films like Top Gun, Cocktail and more recently Mission Impossible 3 had considered eating a placenta.

Now, Cruise's partner, Katie Holmes, had their baby last week and although I don't actually know if he went ahead with the strange idea to consume the placenta, or afterbirth, I do know this: as simply writing the above sentence about his rumoured intention makes me feel queasy to say the least, I will never be able to watch a Tom Cruise film in the same way again and I'm certain that there will be more people out there who feel the same way.

For me specifically, I will no longer be able to enjoy Cocktail as I once did, as part of the illusion of the film was thinking that Cruise would mix you up the best drink you had ever tasted, whilst now I will no doubt find myself questioning his choice of ingredients.

Well, he obviously has an unusual opinion of what he considers to be fit for human consumption!

Indeed it is a sad fact that I will never be able to watch a Tom Cruise film in the same way again, and similarly that Cruise may have managed to rid himself of his sex appeal, charisma and charm in the eyes of females worldwide in one foul, er, gulp!
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:May 8, 2006
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