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FREEZE DRY AT HOME: People everywhere are trying to get their hands on an appliance invented in the U.S.

Woolsey isn't afraid to experiment in the kitchen. Her two years in South America made her an adventurous chef; and, her husband and three children motivate her to cook healthy meals that everyone will enjoy.

Woolsey is a hardworking mom trying to balance home management, part-time work, church and community involvement, and everything else.

"Of all the interesting, and innovative appliances I've worked with, this was possibly the most amazing, the most interesting, and the most innovative," Sharon said after her first few months with the Harvest Right freeze dryer.

This convenient freeze dryer is about the size of a mini-fridge and can be used in a variety of locations such as a kitchen, spare room, laundry room, or even a garage. Woolsey keeps her freeze dryer in her garage during the winter and brings it into her food storage closet during the hot summer months.

This appliance is a game changer for many reasons. It can freeze dry 6 to 10 pounds of food at a time, which amounts to 1,500 pounds of food per year. When stored properly, freeze-dried foods can last for 15 to 25 years, it is an essential tool for anyone who practices food storage like Sharon.

Freeze drying leaves the nutritional integrity, as well as the taste and appearance, of the food completely intact. A grape still looks like a grape; a slice of peach still looks as fresh as it did before it was freeze dried; meats and seafood stay fresh and taste fresh even after being freeze dried. Whether freeze drying full meals like lasagna and beef stew or preserving dairy products like cheddar cheese, yogurt and ice cream, Sharon has the confidence that the food is going to taste great.

Besides preserving meals as long term storage for her family and making delicious baked goods, Woolsey has also found her freeze dryer useful in preserving her garden bounty. Like many avid gardeners, Sharon saw her food going to waste because she couldn't use the produce fast enough. Now, she has a solution that keeps her goods fresh until she's ready to use them.

"[I love to preserve] my fresh produce in the freeze dryer because it plumps back to life so beautifully. It's also the absolute best way to preserve herbs, especially as they retain 100 percent of their flavor."

Produce from the garden isn't all a freeze dryer can save from going to waste. Leftover meals and ripening grocery-store produce stay out of the trash can thanks to the freeze dryer. With foods that ripen quickly, like bananas or avocados, the Harvest Right freeze dryer can preserve them in their prime. Woolsey noted that her Harvest Right freeze dryer is "a game changer" for her beautifully preserved avocados.

The ability to keep food from going bad helps offset the price tag, Woolsey said. Families throw out $2,250 worth of food a year on average. That number alone almost pays for the freeze dryer. It is perfect to freeze dry food that would otherwise go to waste so that it can be used as a meal in a few weeks or to be eaten in 25 years.

Freeze dried pineapple, grapes and yogurt drops have replaced Woolsey's kid's favorite candy. She turns freeze-dried kale and Greek yogurt into powder to add to her morning smoothies; and freeze-dried ice cream dipped in chocolate has become a popular treat at her house parties. Woolsey has found a way to turn this remarkable food storage technique into away of life.

Caption: Harvest Right Freeze Dryers are easy to use, affordable, and preserve large batches of food within 24 to 36 hours.
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