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FRANKS FOR NOTHING; Sinatra snubs kids and leaves fortune to widow Barbara.

Frank Sinatra left the vast bulk of his huge pounds 125million fortune to his wife Barbara.

Ol' Blue Eyes' last will and testament will be seen as a snub to his children Frank jnr, Tina and Nancy - though it's thought he set up trust funds for them before he died.

Sinatra also included a clause warning his feuding offspring they will be cut off without a penny if they challenge his wishes.

The will, published in Los Angeles just 24 hours after Sinatra's funeral, treats his daughter's children better than his own.

Nancy's kids Amanda and Angela Lambert, who both spoke lovingly in church about their grandfather, get a whopping pounds 6,600,000 fund between them.

But Frank Jnr, 53, Nancy, 57, and Tina, 49, get a paltry pounds 125,000 each, plus their dad's interests in a company and the right to take back any gifts they may have given him.

Sinatra leaves almost everything else to his fourth wife Barbara Marx, who nursed him devotedly through his many years of illness.

She gets recording rights and paintings, and in a separate clause, Sinatra states that she is to be given a further pounds 2.3million in cash from the estate once all other debts have been paid.

Most surprisingly, all of Sinatra's five multi-million dollar properties have also been left to Barbara.

These include his Beverly Hills mansion, his estate, two other properties in Palm Springs and his beachfront home in Malibu.

Many thought Sinatra would have instructed the Malibu home to be sold and the proceeds shared between Frank Jnr, Nancy and Tina - but his children have missed out on sharing in ANY of the plush properties they once called home.

In another twist, Barbara was left the rights to all of the royalties for Sinatra's records, spanning a 60-year singing career.

Controversially, Barbara also gets 25 per cent royalties from Sheffield Enterprises, the company he set up to license his name and likeness. Daughter Nancy is chief executive of the firm.

Barbara also gets her husband's interest in the master recording of Trilogy - three classic albums he made in the 1950s during the break-up of his marriage to Ava Gardner - and all rights to royalties and distribution.

And to rub salt into the wounds Barbara, who has constantly fought with her husband's children over the years, also gets all the art, silverware and furniture in all of the five homes.

But the three children have been given undivided interests in Wilshire Camden Associates, of which Sinatra was a partner.

Frank Jnr also receives one of the most sentimental gifts in the entire will - all of Sinatra's sheet music.

And his jewellery, clothing, cars, personal train, music recordings and memorabilia are to be shared out between Barbara and his kids.

Another quirky clause states that if any recipient of Sinatra's assets decides to sell anything, the profits have to be split equally - 25 per cent each - between Barbara, Frank Jnr, Nancy and Tina.

Tough-guy Sinatra also showed a kind-hearted side in his will, remembering several old friends and even his first wife Nancy, who gets pounds 160,000.

Third wife Mia Farrow was not mentioned, but Barbara's son Robert Marx gets pounds 66,000, and Sinatra's personal assistant Elvina Joubert, 66, gets pounds 90,000.

The will was signed in 1991, before the singer's health problems began.
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Author:Dowdney, Mark
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 23, 1998
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