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Life would be much easier if you were able to clarify your reasons for making certain decisions and changes. By Saturday, when the full Moon is in your sign, lots of flotsam and jetsam will be swept away. The arrival of Venus in your partnership house brings up many varied issues for you to consider. Be brave enough to discuss any difficulties, especially those relating to love, and get ready to face intimacy issues head on. For the unattached among you, love will beckon in a big way this week.

TRY TO - speak from the heart.

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Venus, your ruling planet, enters Libra and will leave you confused. Put your emotions to one side as work has to take precedence. You can't cut yourself into pieces and do everything, so you must focus on what needs attention first - and it is not your private life. The full Moon at the end of the week brings up old emotional issues connected to the past. There is nothing you would like more than to dump these old troubles to the psychic dustbin. So what are you waiting for?

TRY TO - draw a line under the past.

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Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into Scorpio and stirs up a hornet's nest, so don't be surprised if work changes start to come at you from all angles. Don't worry, with the right positive mental attitude this can be a fun time - and even rather romantic. You're on the ball and making quite an impression all over town. The arrival of Venus in your sister sign of Libra steers you towards love and more fun than you've had in a while. It's also a time of creativity and self-expression. You're on a roll and no one can stop you.

TRY TO - balance work and play.

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Your home needs your full attention this week. Look around and see what it needs to beautify it. Once you hit upon the winning formula, a sense of peace will wash over you and you can start to enjoy your surroundings. The move of Venus into Libra will help you here. Someone wants to help you and you'll invite them to share their ideas. But working in tandem leads to eating and drinking, so keep an eye on those scales. The full Moon on Saturday asks you to take a serious look at what you want for your future.

TRY TO - structure your day.

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Saturn and Pluto are going at it hammer and tongs, making changes to give your life a more structured blueprint. But the end result is still some distance away. The move of Venus into Libra makes the tempo of your life go from zero to 60 in the blink of an eye but it will be a pleasant experience. It will also give you the opportunity to learn more about your emotions. The full Moon in your sister sign of Aries urges you to make big decisions over who you are going to keep in your life and who you are going to let go.

TRY TO - open up.

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The recent activity of the Moon in your sign has set the ball in motion for you to make major choices. When Venus was in your sign it taught you a lot about yourself but now that it has moved into Libra - at the same time Mercury has moved into Scorpio - you'll find the focus shifting from the emotional to the material. Take a reality check over cash. The full Moon in Aries tells you to be financially equipped so plans for the future run smoothly.

Get rid of anything or any one who drains you, be it emotionally or financially.

TRY TO - make time for love.

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Venus, your ruling planet, arrives in your sign and brings an incredible influence. The placement of fiery Mars also gives you the determination to lick emotional matters into shape. Your love and passion zone is peaking, as is your friendship area. The full Moon in Aries at the weekend is all about you feeling sure of yourself and sure of where you're going - but have you asked partners how they feel about this? Don't be surprised if they don't feel the same. But the way you are feeling you'll be able to accommodate anything.

TRY TO - be on the look-out for money luck.

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Mercury moves into your sign, making you full of good intentions as you consider your options. Your communications are peaking and you have wonderful new ideas on how to enhance life and love. The move of Venus into Virgo brings a down-to-earth influence over love. It may be time to let the past go but are you ready? Starting fresh is the best thing you could do but don't be a martyr. The full Moon over the weekend tells you to look at how you work. Are you going to wet nurse everyone or put your needs first?

TRY TO - prioritise.

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Venus moves into your social area, so this may be the week you'll meet someone new and love will be all you think about. This person will help you streamline your ambitions and take the first steps towards achieving them. If you already have a partner, you'll start to see them in a more appreciative light. Don't be afraid to be more loving and honest. The full Moon in your sister sign of Aries asks you to consider where you come from creatively, so don't be afraid to be upfront about everything.

TRY TO - be true to yourself

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Venus moves into the part of your chart which creates strong and favourable influences over your career. You'll be under the spotlight where everyone will see you, hear you and notice you. You're attracting people that you never thought would even look at you, much less consider you as a player. The full Moon in Aries over the weekend brings a taste of reality and asks you to be honest about what you need in your life. Don't be afraid to be completely truthful about what you want. You'll be surprised at the answers.

TRY TO - spruce up your abode.

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Mercury moves in to the area of your chart that makes you do a lot of work under the spotlight. It's a great time to hog the limelight and don't be surprised if you get a lot of good deals. Just check all small print and ownership rights on contracts. Venus moves into your sister sign of Libra and embellishes your new-found forms of philosophy, so if you want to see the world in a certain way, then you will. The full Moon in Aries brings trusted friends to your door with gossip or scandal. Don't take it on board.

TRY TO - keep an open mind.

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Venus moves into the sensual part of your chart, reminding you that you have entered a stimulated time in your life. Getting back to basics in love becomes very important and you'll pull out all the stops until you get it right. You'll attract money to you this week and in a way you didn't think possible. The Moon will pass through your sign and send you off on a positive tangent.

Enjoy it while you can, as you'll be brought back down to Earth when it settles in Aries as a full Moon. It's then you must look at finances carefully.

TRY TO - budget for the future.

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