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NEW YORK-Photo frame suppliers are presenting a fresh array of product lines at the National Stationery Show, which takes place this week at the Jacob Javits Center here.

In addition to hitting design trends, new products slated for the fall address lifestyle. Vendors cite consumers' focus on the home for manufacturers' continued expansion into related home decor categories, such as wall frames, framed art, decorative mirrors and wall pieces.

Following is a sampling of what's new in the marketplace.

Fetco International's new wave of mission-style frames is called the Shaker Woods collection. There are 28 SKUs in all, with four designs, finishes and sizes. Also included are wall frames. Retails range from $15 to $20.

Three new wire-clip frames join the company's lineup, this time incorporating rhinestones and enamel. They retail at $10. Raised Expressions incorporate raised icons in metal frames retailing around $13.

For the junior market come Glitter frames, featuring a fun color palette and unique shapes, such as flowers and hearts. Retails range from $10 to $13.

Finally, new wire frames have been introduced on a pedestal design. There's also a matted design for the wall in this contemporary styled collection. They retail between $13 and $25.

Hermitage Fine Arts introduces a full line of photo frames, wall decor, framed art and mirrors.

The highlight of new frame offerings includes handcast aluminum offerings with brushed black background and a modern, retro look. Designs include swirls, geometric shapes and gold accents. Retails range from $9.99 to $14.99. There is also a collection of embedded jewels etched in silver polyresin frames. Retails range from $14.99 to $19.99.

The Craftsman frame collection focuses on dark woods in minimal designs. There are 15 SKUs, ranging in retail price from $6.99 to $19.99.

Global is a series of frames featuring refined lines, deep wood tones, and rich bold colors such as indigo, curry and rust. Retails range from $7.99 to $19.99.

Vintage French frames are fashioned from painted wood with an antique-look finish and feature architectural details. Colored in washed whites and creams, the line's retail prices range from $6.99 to $19.99.

A new collection of Modern Retro frames is manufactured in aluminum, a combination of wood and metal, and contemporary glass pieces. There's also a new series of collage albums retailing from $9.99 to $19.99.

There are 200 new SKUs in Hermitage's framed art line. Sizes range from 8 inches by 10 inches to 30 inches by 40 inches. Retails range from $14.99 to $199.99. Mirror Mates, a line of framed decorative art and mirrors, feature rich wood furniture finishes. Retails range from $19.99 to $49.99.

Finally, there's a series of architectural relief -- home decor wall pieces. Featuring classic, traditional stylings, finishes include faux Aged Terra Cotta, English Garden Stone, Patina, Antique Ivory, Sandstone and Mahogany. The line retails from $12.99 to $29.99.

Holson Burnes is presenting new items in all four of its brands: Burnes of Boston, Terragrafics, RareWoods and Carr.

The company has tapped Lloyd Schwann, designer of high-end furniture, to create two limited edition frame/furniture pieces. The Totem Poles and Gridworks pieces sit on the floor and are done in hand-stained wood. Retails range from $200 to $450.

The Burnes of Boston and RareWoods brands welcome the addition of wall frames to their line. Burnes of Boston has two items in its Urban Renewal line at retails of $24 and $38. RareWoods has five wall frame collections, with varying designs such as Sequel's shadowbox profiles and Plantation's bamboo mats. Retails range from $20 to $50.

All four brands feature Millennium product in frames and photo storage. Packaging and merchandising tie all four brands together. There are more than 25 SKUs in the line.

The company has developed everyday product in its four brands centering around what it describes as five trends: Hamptons, Natural Spirit, Romantic Age, Modern Retro and Horizons.

Hamptons is a dressy casual line, reflected in Carr's handcrafted wood offerings, as well as Burnes of Boston's Moet die-cast metals. Natural Spirit features a mix of materials and texture. It is evident in Carr's Garden Flowers, Burnes' Urban Renewal and Terragrafics' Natural Spirit collection.

The Romantic Age trend, with its embellished and ornamental looks, can be seen in three new lines from Carr -- Romantic Pewter, Jubilance and Pearlessence. The clean lines of Modern Retro are evident in the Textured Metal line from Burnes albums and the Jetson collection of frames.

Horizons, with its global feel, is featured in RareWoods Scandia Inlay, Burnes' Tahoe Etched Woods, and Sage Impressions from Burnes albums.

Lasercraft has introduced items under both its Amerigo and InFOCUS branded lines.

The company has partnered with artist Sudi McCollum to create a licensed line of casual and imaginative holiday photo frames and albums inspired by folk art and the arts and craft movement. They are being marketed under the Amerigo brand.

Under Amerigo and InFOCUS brands comes a line of photo albums/scrapbooks. Both are etched and come with 154 laser-cut photo corners and 10 message label stickers. The albums hold 36 photos in 18 archival, acid-free recycled pages. There are eight designs in black and white. The InFOCUS brand has wire-o binding, while the Amerigo line is hand-bound.

Under InFOCUS comes Attitudes, a fresh line of rod frames and albums in 21 different styles.

Malden International Designs has introduced its Handcrafted Hardwood line of solid wood frames in cherry and maple combinations. In addition to standard frame sizes, the line features panoramic offerings. The 45-SKU collection retails between $12 and $25.

The company's Calligraphy line is its next generation of word frames. The die-cast metal collection features an antique finish. There are symbols, which are more prominent, in addition to words. The nine SKUs retail at $15 each.

Silhouettes is a metal line featuring symbols such as music notes, hearts and celestial images. The seven-SKU line also retails at $15 each.

Photoville is a new collage series of houses in bright colors such as turquoise, blue and red. There are three in the series, a four- , five- and seven-opening, retailing from $10 to $15. New Panoramic collages come in colors black and walnut. They retail at $15 each.

Also new in the collage category is a frame that holds four 4-inch-by-6-inch prints. It comes in black, rosewood and walnut and retails at $15.

For the juvenile market, Malden has created Shooting Stars, with a '50s retro feel presented in space capsule designs. Retails in the six-SKU line range from $10 to $15.

Finally, there are also 12 new wood photo albums. Each album holds 100 4-inch-by-6-inch photos inside, one on the cover.

MCS Industries has introduced a line of upscale wood mirrors. The line features six moldings ranging from 3/4 inch to 4 inches. Retails range from $25 to $35. There are five gold finishes, and one in black walnut with gold overtones. There are also promotional entries in the mirror category from MCS.

The company's line of photo frames has been expanded. New items include solid wood and glass offerings.

There are 14 new photo frame collections that address lifestyle. Items include solid wood, glass and cast metal. Retails range from $3.99 to $12.99, with the majority of the collection at under $10 retail.

Finally, there are some promotional, high-value offerings in framed art that use both wood and extruded moldings. Retails range from $5.99 to $9.99 for a 16 inch by 20 inch.

Melannco has taken the successful "word" trend into a photo album/book that combines metals and woods. The line of metal frames in spiral notebooks come in bronze and silver finishes. Retails range from $12.99 to $19.99.

Keepsake boxes, with a photo insert on the front, feature a flip-up format and double as music boxes. There are two baby items, as well as Christmas, wedding and generic offerings, retailing from $29.99 to $39.99.

Under Melannco's Lifestyle line come new decorative storage items for the home office and a new category for the company -- vanity storage. What began with flip-top boxes has been expanded to include screens, jewelry boxes, file folders and compact disc holders. New vanity pieces come in cherry, walnut, pecan, black and white. New home office items include a rotating photo cube with removable top frame, a sliding "Rolodex" and file folders. Retails in the line range from $12.99 to $49.99.

Under the Anna line of high-styled fashion frames comes a collection of combination materials, including leather and metal, and silverplate and glass. Retails range from $25 to $50. Also new in Anna are jewel-toned frames mixed with metals, along with a combination of rich velvet and ribbon frames and albums retailing from $15 to $20.

Melannco hits the juvenile market with a line of albums and frames in an assortment of resin, metal and novelty frames.

New wood frame offerings feature inserts that create crisp, clean lines. The company has also made a major thrust into metal with oversized silverplated frames retailing from $25 to $29.

North American Enclosures has extended its Lifestyle series of collages. The wood frames, with unique matte configurations, come in sandstone, black walnut and pewter finishes. Retails range from $9.99 to $19.99.

The company has broadened its framed art collection to hit trends in the marketplace. New stylings include floral, coastal and juvenile. Retails range from $14.99 to $149.99.

North American has also updated its Ready-Made frame line. Retails range from $9.99 to $49.99.

Structural Industries has introduced a fresh line of architecturally molded photo frames with beveled mats. There are two finishes, black and silver, and four openings. Retails are at $10 and up.

Other new items are beveled glass frames featuring thick glass. Sizes range from 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches to 5 inches by 7 inches. Retails start at $19.99.

Structural has also launched its first line of deco-framed art in a combination of metal and wood frames. The contemporary collection, which also features black and white art, retails from $25.
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