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FR nylons & PBTs are tailored for E/E market. (Keeping up with Materials).

Bayer Corp. in Pittsburgh is introducing flame-retardant nylon and PET compounds from Germany to U.S. electrical/electronic markets. The product line includes grades of nylon 6 and 66 and halogen-free PETs.

Two 30% glass-reinforced nylons containing organic bromine additives achieve FR ratings of UL 94V-0 at 0.8 mm. They are Durethan DP 2-1851/30 nylon 6 and DP 2-2851/30 H1.0 nylon 66. Both achieve the highest rating in glow-wire tests, Bayer says. They also have good electrical properties, including a 400-v CTI. DP 2-2851/30 reportedly also generates low smoke, suiting it to transportation seating and construction uses.

New non-halogenated FR Pocan grades are DP 4035, a 30%-glass PET/PET, and DP2004 unreinforced PBT. Both achieve UL 94V-2 and perform well on wire-glow tests, Bayer says. DP 4035 reportedly displays arc resistance and hot-wire ignition performance exceeding those for comparable halogenated PETs. Potential uses include safety-switch covers. Tel: (412) 777-2000,
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Title Annotation:Bayer Corp.; fire-resistance, electrical/electronic
Comment:FR nylons & PBTs are tailored for E/E market. (Keeping up with Materials).(Bayer Corp.; fire-resistance, electrical/electronic)
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Date:Aug 1, 2002
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