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FR film adhesive.

The Transportation Division of Bostik, Inc. has introduced a strippable high performance, fire retardant film adhesive. It replaces solvent-based adhesives used to bond decorative laminates to composite panels for interior aerospace applications. Bostik's FPA110-1FR film adhesive has excellent adhesion to Tedlar, vinyl, aluminum, polyamide film, phenolic prepregs and various fabrics and wools.


This product is fire retardant and passes Boeing specification BMS 5-158 Type 2. The FPA110-1FR can be pre-applied to the decorative and then later bonded with heat and pressure to the composite panel.

The FPA110-1FR will bond decorative films to crushed core panels at a bond line temperature of 113[degrees]C and pressures of 20 to 50 psi. The FPA110-1FR can also be activated by radio frequency heating.

This film adhesive provides heat resistance of up to 105[degrees]C. Because this adhesive film is not thermosetting, no extended press times, temperatures or pressures are required for bonding. In addition, the decorative bonded with FPA110-1FR can be reheated and removed as needed for repair or replacement.

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Date:Jun 1, 2009
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