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FR additives for foams.

Albemarle Corp., Baton Rouge, La., has three new liquid flame retardants for flexible and rigid PUR foams. Antiblaze VE-95 is a chlorinated and brominated phosphate ester for viscoelastic foams. It is said to produce a higher comfort factor than combinations of chlorinated phosphate and solid melamine. Foams with VE-95 reportedly pass the Crib 5 flame test (British Standard 5282).

Antiblaze TL-10-ST is a high-viscosity, high-molecular-weight, chlorinated phosphate for automotive and furniture slabstock and molded polyether foams. It boasts low VOC emissions and reportedly passes the strictest fogging tests.

For Class I spray and pour rigid insulation foams, including isocyanurate (PIR) types, new Saytex RB-80LS is a low-viscosity, reactive, halogenated liquid. It reportedly gives better green strength and dimensional stability to polyether and polyester foams than other halogenated FRs or unmodified foams. Field studies show RB-80LS also produces less sag when sprayed overhead and less shrinkage from studs.

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Title Annotation:keeping up: RIM/urethane
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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