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FOUR WITH MORE; Terrano is a versatile performer.

A FIVE-picture sequence in the Nissan Terrano II brochure captures its 4x4 capabilities.

Maximum lateral inclination (48 degrees), steepest climbable gradient (39 degrees), wading depth and so on.

That's the image of a full-size five-door 4x4 like this, with its transmission choices of two/four wheel drive and normal/low ratios.

But Nissan, in its midlife revamp of the model, has addressed the mainstream demands of the people who use cars like these.

Many of them live in suburbia and use Terrano II as a handy urban runabout, perhaps never experimenting with its off-road qualities during three years of ownership.

It's roomy, making it ideal for school runs and visits to the supermarket.

But the 2.7-litre turbodiesel is a most relaxing motorway cruiser, with driver and passengers able to make the most of the high seating positions.

Off motorway, the Terrano II has something approaching the driveability of the Chrysler Grand Cherokee.

The TDI is blessed with an engine combining useful power and good economy, making it a good alternative to the 2.4 petrol version. There is a comforting quality about the Terrano II diesel as long as you accept a top speed of less than 100mph, and leisurely acceleration.

Nissan says the uprated suspension has improved stability in all conditions.

At first the Spanish-built Terrano came off the same assembly line as the Maverick sold by Ford, which has withdrawn from the arrangement, to concentrate on its own American designed 4x4s.

Nissan, keeping the same bodyshell, has redesigned the front grille, developed a new bumper to make it look wider from the front and made cosmetic changes at the rear.

The Terrano II looks fine on a front drive without coming close to winning a styling prize.

Interiors are not one of Nissan's strengths, but the Terrano's is tidier than before.

Better gas-type shock absorbers ensure the Terrano rides smoothly on tarmac and there is little evidence of the cornering wallow which detracts from the pleasure of driving some 4x4s.

The basic S has power windows and sunroof, SE additions include anti-lock brakes and air conditioning, and the SE Plus has CD autochanger and leather trim.

Jaguar pounces with price cuts

JAGUAR is the latest prestige manufacturer to announce price cuts, following Audi and BMW which also reacted to reductions by Mercedes-Benz.

A combination of price cuts and "feature enhancement" represent an average of improvement to the customer of 8.5 per cent, according to Jaguar.

A company spokesman said: "At these new, lower prices, Jaguar enjoys a substantial price advantage over all imported rivals."

Jaguar had previously announced mechanical improvements and higher specifications for its model year 2001 range.

Typical is the XJ Sport which has improvements including cruise control and six- disc CD player without a price increase.

Audi UK said prices would come down by between three and 15 per cent, equating to savings of between pounds 1105 and pounds 9547. BMW announced a reduction of up to pounds 7995.

SAAB has announced its model year 2001 range with extra equipment all round which it says is equivalent to prices being lowered on average by five per cent.

A spokesman said this was in addition to a nine per cent average reduction for the 9-3 range during the past year. Price cuts in the 9-5 range include pounds 2000 off the Griffin.

DRIVERS born under the star sign Taurus are the most likely to make an insurance claim, according to a survey.

Telebrokers People's Choice claim a direct link between star signs and the chances of people needing to make a motor insurance claim.

Cancerians are said to be not much better. The safest drivers are reckoned to be those with a link to Sagittarius and Scorpio.
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Date:Sep 13, 2000
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