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(January 2017 through December 2017)


Each year, the Journal provides a compilation of the most important and timely articles on computers, technology, and the law. The Bibliography, indexed by subject matter, is designed to be a research guide to assist our readers in searching for recent articles on computer and technology law. This year's annual Bibliography contains nearly 1000 articles, found through the examination of over 1000 periodicals.

The Bibliography aims to include topics on every legal aspect of computers and technology. However, as new issues in this field emerge, we welcome your suggestions for additional topics and sources, as well as your commentary on the Bibliography.
INTRODUCTION                                   334
  1. Computers and Technology in Law Practice  339
     1.0 General                               339
     1.1 Computerized Legal Research           340
         1.1.0 General                         340
         1.1.1 Online Legal Research           340
     1.2 Law Office Management                 341
         1.2.0 General                         341
         1.2.1 Office Automation               342
               1.2.2 Case Management           343
               1.2.3 Case File Security        343
         1.2.4 Internet Access                 343
     1.3 Selected Uses in the Law Practice     343
         1.3.0 General                         343
         1.3.1 Tax Filing                      344
               1.3.2 Bankruptcy                344
               1.3.3 Estate Planning           344
               1.3.4 Real Estate               344
         1.3.5 Advertising                     345
     2.0 General                               346
     2.1 Scientific Evidence                   348
         2.1.0 General                         348
         2.1.1 Expert Testimony                349
         2.1.2 DNA Typing                      349
         2.1.3 Fingerprint                     349
         2.1.4 Lie Detection                   349
         2.1.5 Forensic Evidence               349
     2.2 Demonstrative Evidence                350
         2.2.0 General                         350
         2.2.1 Computer-Generated Evidence     351
         2.2.2 Audio/Visual Evidence           351
     2.3 Electronic Discovery                  351
     2.4 Courtroom and Judges                  352
     2.5 Dispute Resolution                    353
  3. COMPUTERS, TECHNOLOGY AND THE             354
     3.0 General                               354
     3.1 Computers, Technology and Law         355
     3.2 Use of Computers and Technology       357
         by the Military
     3.3 Use of Computers and Technology by    358
         State and Federal Legislatures
     3.4 Regulation of Computers and           358
         3.4.0 General                         358
         3.4.1 First Amendment Concerns        359
         3.4.2 Antitrust                       359
         3.4.3 FCC Regulation                  359
         3.4.4 SEC Regulation                  359
     4.0 General                               360
     4.1 Problems of Privacy                   361
         4.1.0 General                         361
         4.1.1 Data Privacy                    366
         4.1.2 Privacy in the Workplace        375
     4.2 Security                              376
         4.2.0 General                         376
         4.2.1 Cyberwar                        380
         4.2.2 Encryption and Digital
               Signatures                      383
     4.3 Crime                                 384
         4.3.0 General                         384
         4.3.1 Internet                        386
     5.0 General                               387
     5.1 Legal Education                       387
     6.0 General                               387
     6.1 Electronic Commerce                   390
         6.1.0 General                         390
         6.1.1 Taxation                        395
     6.2 Computers in Banking and Finance      395
         6.2.0 General                         395
         6.2.1 On-line Securities Trading      398
     6.3 Computers and Technology in the
         Transportation Industry               398
     6.4 Computers and Technology in the
         Publishing Industry                   400
     6.5 Computers and Technology in
         Advertising                           400
     6.6 Computers and Technology in
         Accounting                            400
     COMPUTERS AND TECHNOLOGY                  401
     7.0 General                               401
     7.1 Patent                                403
         7.1.0 General                         403
         7.1.1 Software Patent                 412
         7.1.2 Biotech Patent                  412
     7.2 Software Copyright                    412
         7.2.0 General                         412
         7.2.1 User Interface                  414
         7.2.2 Fair Use                        414
         7.2.3 Video Game                      414
     7.3 Digital Copyright                     415
         7.3.0 General                         415
         7.3.1 Electronic Compilation.         418
         7.3.2 Computer Database.              418
         7.3.3 Multimedia                      418
         7.3.4 Computer-Generated Works        418
     7.4 Trademark.                            418
     7.5 Trade Secret.                         420
     7.6 Semiconductor Chip Protection.        420
     7.7 Licensing                             420
     7.8 Intellectual Property Issues of       421
         the Internet
     7.9 International Developments.           422
         7.9.0 General                         422
         7.9.1 GATT-TRIPS                      425
         7.9.2 NAFTA.                          425
         7.9.3 Developments in Canada.         425
         7.9.4 Developments in Mexico and      425
               Latin America.
         7.9.5 Developments in Australia       425
               and New Zealand
         7.9.6 Developments in Africa          426
         7.9.7 Developments in Asia            426
         7.9.8 Developments in Western Europe  426
         7.9.9 Developments in Eastern Europe  426
               and Russia.
     8.0 General                               426
     8.1 Artificial Intelligence               427
  9. LEGAL ISSUES OF THE INTERNET              430
     9.0 General                               430
     9.1 ISP and Internet Access               432
         9.1.0 General                         432
         9.1.1 Net Neutrality                  433
     9.2 Domain Names                          433
     9.3 Civil Procedure in Cyberspace         433
     9.4 Online Communities                    433
         9.4.0 General                         433
         9.4.1 Social Networking               439
         9.4.2 Virtual Worlds                  439
     9.5 First Amendment Concerns              439
10.  LAW AND TECHNOLOGY                        440
     10.0 General                              440
     10.1 Technology Transfer                  444
     10.2 Audio/Video Recording                444
     10.3 Space Law                            444
     10.4 Medical Technology                   445
          10.4.0 General                       445
          10.4.1 Electronic Records            449
     10.5 Science and Technology               449
          10.5.0 General                       449
          10.5.1 Biotechnology                 455
          10.5.2 Pharmaceuticals               456
          10.5.3 Stem Cells and Cloning        456
          10.5.4 Nanotechnology                456
     10.6 Environmental Law                    456
          10.6.0 General                       456
          10.6.1 Pollution                     463
          10.6.2 Hazardous Substances          463
          10.6.3 Electromagnetic Fields        463
          10.6.4 Nuclear Technology            463
          10.6.5 Energy and the Environment    464
          10.6.6 International Environmental   464
                 Law Developments
     10.7 Television                           464
          10.7.0 General                       464
          10.7.1 Satellite Television          464
          10.7.2 Cable Television              464
     10.8 Telecommunications                   465
          10.8.0 General                       465
          10.8.1 Telephone                     466
          10.8.2 Multimedia in                 466
          10.8.3 International                 466
     10.9 Recording Industry                   466
     10.10 Broadband                           466
11.  FAMILY LAW                                466
12.  OTHER                                     468


1.0 General

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1.1 Computerized Legal Research

1.1.0 General

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1.1.1 Online Legal Research

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1.2 Law Office Management

1.2.0 General

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1.2.1 Office Automation

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1.2.2 Case Management

1.2.3 Case File Security

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1.2.4 Internet Access

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1.3 Selected Uses in the Law Practice

1.3.0 General

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1.3.1 Tax Filing

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1.3.2 Bankruptcy

1.3.3 Estate Planning

1.3.4 Real Estate

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1.3.5 Advertising

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2.0 General

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2.1 Scientific Evidence

2.1.0 General

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2.1.1 Expert Testimony

2.1.2 DNA Typing

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2.1.3 Fingerprint

2.1.4 Lie Detection

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2.1.5 Forensic Evidence

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2.2 Demonstrative Evidence

2.2.0 General

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2.2.1 Computer-Generated Evidence

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2.2.2 Audio/Visual Evidence

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2.3 Electronic Discovery

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2.4 Courtroom and Judges

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2.5 Dispute Resolution

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