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AN anonymous letter-writer tells me my column panders to what he/she describes as "the North Wales mentality of unthinking reaction to change."

He resents any criticism of the Establishment that seeks to control everything we do, and is particularly annoyed by criticism of Tony Blair, whom he portrays as a messianic moderniser.

"He became prime minister when this country was stuck in a past world, living on its imperial past," he writes.

Now I know it seems a very long time since Mr Blair took over 10 Downing Street, but does Anon really believe he has been in office since the 1950s, when Britain unravelled its imperial ties?

"What a job he took on! Just look at the mess when we left teachers and doctors to look after education and health," says Anon. And so that is them told off!

What of journalists? Anon tells me: "You and your colleagues have contributed to the national mood of cynicism."

He says he longs for the day when Britain has a media worthy of our country, based upon our Christian heritage.

That seems to pose a real problem in 21st century Britain, because much of Christianity is derived from the older Judaism, while Islam is an offshoot of both Judaism and Christianity.

And what is the Christian heritage? Try asking that question in Northern Ireland, where opposing Christians like to express their opinions with guns and bombs!

Likewise one can go to Jerusalem and ask what is the Jewish heritage? Orthodox and liberal Jews will give very different answers.

For instance, I have Jewish friends in Haifa who make a habit of eating a non-kosher meal with a Christian Arab family on Christmas Day, in an attempt to "love thy neighbour as thyself."

As for going to Baghdad to seek the meaning of Islam, we all know the answer to that - everyone, that is, except Tony Blair and George Bush.

My anonymous letter-writer is resentful of the world's thinkers who have pointed out the illegality of the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq.

"There is another view. I work with a large number of educated and intelligent Iraqi professionals. They are delighted that Saddam Hussein has gone," says Anon, but that does not legitimise our invasion and destabilisation of a distant country that posed no threat to us.

Neither does it legitimise our creation of an Arabian maelstrom in which a multitude of Shia, Sunni and Kurdish factions have been "democratised" by force, liberating them to murder each other, and spread their terror.

Alas, Anon believes the people of North Wales should slavishly support our political leaders, instead of criticising them for their ignorance of Middle East affairs.

He tells me he disagrees with everything I write which, of course, is music to my ears! It means Anon has thought about something long enough to formulate his own opinions.

His loyalty to Tony Blair is obvious, and he is unlikely to see any merit in opposing thoughts, but that is his privilege in a democracy.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Jul 17, 2006
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