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EVIL Salman Abedi asked his mum "to forgive him" hours before his murderous attack.

The bomber made the farewell phone call from Manchester to his family home in Libya, it was claimed.

As police continued to hunt for accomplices, new details emerged of how the 22-year-old slipped into Britain four days before the atrocity.

After telling his parents he was going on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, he flew to Turkey, then boarded a plane to Dusseldorf before flying on to Manchester.

Pictures emerged yesterday of the PS75-a-night flat Manchester-born Abedi rented in the city to make his final deadly preparations.

And it was learned that the mass murderer had recently changed his western clothes for traditional Muslim dress.

said wanted to He was seen chanting prayers in the street and filmed by a neighbour He back UK bombing friend putting out a wheelie bin at his home in Fallowfield, Manchester, wearing a brown djellaba with the pointy hood pulled up over his head.

It was also revealed he had been banned from a mosque in the city after criticising an imam for "talking b*****ks" during a sermon critical of Isis. Friends and family had reportedly warned he was developing radical views.

Details of Abedi's last hours were revealed by Libya's Special Deterrent Force, who arrested his father Ramadan, 50, and brother Hashim, 20.

They revealed Abedi wired PS2500 to his brother and phoned mum Samia on the day of the attack.

Spokesman Ahmed bin Salem said: "He was giving farewell."

Bin Salem said investigators believe, based on what Hashim told them, that "the bomber acted alone".

He said Hashim said his brother learned to make explosives online and wanted to "seek victory" for Isis.

But British police are working on the basis the killer was part of a wider network.

Experts doubt the college drop-out had the skills to mount the first major explosives attack in Britain for nearly 12 years.

Sources said Abedi, who has been linked to a group of five jihadists from Portsmouth who travelled to Syria to join Isis, was injured fighting in Libya last summer.

A family friend said he joined a unit called Bunyan Marsous, who last year led efforts to free Sirte from Isis. But they were also involved in fighting against other opposition.

Another former friend told us cannabis-smoking Abedi boasted of fighting in Libya during school holidays and posted pictures of himself holding weapons.

Abedi's father Ramadan was a member of the secret service under the Gaddafi regime but fled in 1991. In Manchester, he worked as a guard at the city's airport and also as a pizza delivery driver. A strict Muslim, he also worked at Didsbury mosque, where he led prayers. Friend Ahmed Bashaala said: "They were an ordinary family. Ramadan was an Islamist but not an extremist."

During the final years of Gaddafi's rule, Ramadan was one of a number of Libyans who returned home to join one of the armed anti-Gaddafi groups.

It was claimed yesterday that British security services turned a blind eye to some Libyans they were monitoring, allowing them to join the revolution, even dropping certain control orders and returning their passports.

Ramadan found work in Tripoli with the police under the new government, while his sons returned home to Manchester. But the family continued to travel between Libya and the UK.

It was claimed the bomber's parents became concerned he would become involved in revenge attacks after a friend was murdered in a Manchester gangland killing.

Ramadan fetched Salman and his brother Hashim in mid-April.

A friend said: "He hid their passports but Salman asked for his, saying he wanted to go to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage. Instead, he went back to the UK for the bombing."

Libyan authorities yesterday said they had summoned Abedi's mother and three of his siblings - believed to be another younger brother and two younger sisters - for questioning.

They have accused Hashim of planning a terror attack in Tripoli while knowing of Salman's plans.

UK authorities could try to extradite him to the UK to face charges of conspiring over Monday night's attack.

Mum's Western wedding walk-out SALMAN Abedi's mum walked out of her son Ismail's wedding because Western music was being played.

Samia Tabbal wanted traditional drums only as the 23-year-old wed last year and even rejected Arabic tunes.

A source said: "She only stayed an hour. She was quite religious."

Samia, 50, a nuclear engineering graduate, and husband Ramadan, 50, moved here from Libya in the early 90s and lived on benefits. They went back after Gaddafi was toppled but it is thought Samia often returned here to visit relatives.

The source said: "She did not enjoy Britain. She was worried about taking her children to school and about the whole West. Why stay if you hate it?" Ramadan and son Hashim, 20, have been held in Libya. Ismail was arrested in Manchester on Tuesday.

It is believed Samia has been quizzed in Libya.

And it was at over had Abedi said he wanted to go to Saudi. He went back to the UK for bombing FAMILY FRIEND


ARREST Ramadan was held in Libya


DEVOUT A man believed to be Abedi puts a bin out at his home while wearing an Islamic robe

BOLTHOLE The kitchen of the PS75-a-night flat the killer rented before carrying out his attack

LUXURY The bedroom of the Manchester flat used by Abedi
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