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FORD TAKE DISC BREAK; CD players to be ditched from cars, reports DEREK STEWART-BROWN.


FORD are to stop putting a CD player in their latest models. The company said the all-new Ford Focus will be equipped with advanced SYNC instead.

Apparently, used with the MyFord Touch system, this will mean "a system that will cater directly to the demands of Ford's tech-savvy customers, offering a sophisticated multimedia infotainment hub providing connectivity options including multiple USB inputs, SD card ports, RCA inputs and Bluetooth connectivity".

Confused? In short, it means you will need to plug in your iPod to listen to the music.

But according to Ford: "The system will also act as a password-protected wireless hotspot for up to five devices, providing connectivity through USB or mobile phone broadband modems.

"This capability will potentially allow access to 'cloud computing' services, such as the recently unveiled Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Music, eliminating the need to carry music storage devices in the vehicle."

Even more confused? According to our IT expert, this means that while you will still be able to hear music and the spoken word via the DAB radio, you will have to pay via your own provider for connectivity to the network for anything you might want to download to hear or see.

Obviously, anything you have already downloaded by way of movies or music that is sitting in your "device" will be available free of charge.

ANo matter how good the "multimedia infotainment hub" is, it will only be a conduit for material you already own or are prepared to pay for. FAN FOR While we appreciate that the CD player also only played those discs that we had prepurchased or borrowed, why does it feel as though buying a car without one means being short-changed? AFTER and made years the iconic examples Is it really about "moving with the times" or just cutting the cost of car components to make the overall build cheaper for the manufacturer? Ford global trends and futuring manager Sheryl Connelly said: "The in-car CD player, much like pay telephones, is destined to fade away in the face of exciting new technology."

Ford say that CD sales are down 35 per cent in the UK, while digital album sales have gone up seven-fold in the last five years.

It's also bad news for petrol stations and motorway services - the traditional dumping ground for albums with titles such as Sounds Of The Seventies.
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Date:Jul 29, 2011
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