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 DETROIT, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- With the launch this fall of the new Ranger Splash SuperCab and the improved Thunderbird, Ford Division begins one of its most important model years in recent times.
 After the public introduction of the 1994 Ford Division lineup this fall comes the launch of the new Mustang on Dec. 9, and the new small car, Aspire, and the new front-wheel drive minivan, Windstar, in early 1994.
 Ford Division finished the 1993 model year with five of the top 10 best-selling models in America for the fourth consecutive year. F-Series is again the top-selling vehicle, car or truck. Taurus is the No. 1 car, and the Ford Explorer, Ranger and Escort also number among the nation's top 10 vehicles.
 "We set a model-year record for truck sales at Ford Division -- or any sales division for that matter," said Ross Roberts, Ford vice president and Ford Division general manager. "We are very pleased with our model-year sales increases during the 1993 model year of 13 percent for trucks and 12 percent for cars."
 Fall advertising will emphasize Ford's sales successes, as well as product value and improvements in safety and product features.
 "Product value is a customer hot button this year, and several of our new ads focus on Ford's excellent value story for vehicles such as Escort, Thunderbird and F-Series," said John Vanderzee, Ford Division advertising manager.
 In an expansion of Ford (NYSE: F) efforts to reach the youth market, several of the 1994 ads are targeted at the younger buyer. One ad nicknamed Lollapalooza uses rock music terminology to describe the appeal of the Escort GT.
 "The advertising emphasis on buyers under age 30 is another indication of the importance we place on this segment of the market. We are introducing several new products with appeal to younger buyers who are important for present sales and represent Ford's future," added Vanderzee.
 Another TV ad takes the current trend of "whomping" (off-roading in a Ranger 4X4) one step further. In a fishing trip spoof, a Ford Ranger is used for "truck fishing" with a "whomper" for bait. The catch is a 21-foot, 900-pound fish.
 A worker was inside the belly during much of the weeklong construction of the fish, which is made from soft foam and elastomeric skin and styrofoam peanut stuffing. The power of 10 men and an electric hoist were required during filming of the TV spot in Vancouver.
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