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FORCED OUT OF OUR HOME BY 'SPIDERS ON STEROIDS' Family loft infested by 'vile' creepy-crawlies.


MONSTER spiders that attack humans have forced a young family to make plans to flee their home.

Kirsty Garland, 27, was confronted by dozens of the terrifying creatures when she unwittingly disturbed their massive nest in her loft.

One of the aggressive hobo spiders, which have two-inch-long hairy legs and a venomous bite, left her horrified partner Liam Forrester, 24, with a deep infected wound, which could take months to heal.

Kirsty, mother to a six-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter, is at her wit's end.

"If we can't get rid of them, I just want to move," she said.

"They are like normal spiders on steroids. I hate them. I don't want the children to be bitten."

Kirsty has trapped and killed more than 30 of the creepy-crawlies at her home in Bristol. But they just keep coming.

She explained: "We opened the attic door and they came out - we are scared to go up there again. They run towards us and seem very aggressive. When you corner them , they rear up their legs. They don't seem to be scared."

The couple are now considering leaving their home and staying with relatives until professional pest controllers can exterminate the spiders. Kirsty added: "They are horrible, vile things.

"I found one in the bath last week, and when I put a glass over it, its long legs seemed to fill up the whole glass.

"Their bodies are pretty much normal size but the legs are the size of your hand.

"They cause necrosis of the skin when they bite. Liam's arm is awful. He didn't feel it at first but the venom started to spread - and it has left a crater where the skin has died. We are all on edge. It's terrible."

The invasion is a culmination of a bumper year for spiders because of the warm weather.

Arachnid expert Adam Hart, from Gloucestershire University, urged the public to remain calm. He said: "There are a lot of large spiders around this year.

"If you're in an area where spiders are moving through, you will see a lot around the house.

"I've had four or five in my own house in the last few weeks, and we've had a bit of a d spider frenzy this week."

Hobo spiders - known by the scientific name Tegenaria agrestis - look like common house spiders but are bigger, with thicker, hairy legs.

Native to Europe, they weave funnel-shaped webs of silk sheeting and then lie in wait at the small end for prey.

2 inches Hobo spiders can have a leg span on up to two inches and a body of just over half an inch long


BIG BEAST Hobo spider on a penny

PANIC Liam and Kirsty with spiders

VENOMOUS Bite from a hobo spider left this wound on Liam's arm, right

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 20, 2014
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