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68.5 million

By the middle of 2018, 68.5 million people had been forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, or generalized violence.


The number of asylum claims registered in Canada doubled from the previous year to reach 47,800. These included 7,300 from Haiti, 5,500 from Nigeria, 2,200 from Turkey, and 2,100 from the United States (primarily U.S.-born children of third-country nationals).


Children younger than 18 years of age constituted more than half of the refugee population in 2017, up from 41 per cent in 2009, but similar to more recent years.


More than two-thirds (68 per cent) of all refugees worldwide came from five countries.

The top 5 refugee-hosting countries

Turkey          3.5 million
Pakistan        1.4 million
Uganda          1.4 million
Lebanon    998,90
Iran      979,400

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Source: UNHCR
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