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Danny and the band jumped at the chance to join Team SMCF by playing a 7Nights Session at King Tut's.

Embrace have always been huge in Scotland and the chance to return to one of their favourite venues on the planet and support our charity was too good to turn down.

Danny said: "This is the first actual, proper, official gig. Doing the first one at Tut's is perfect - when you asked us it was a no-brainer.

"The chance to play King Tut's again is one we'd always take and when it comes along with an amazing charity like this then it's ideal, everyone wins - of course we'd do it, we're delighted to.

"We haven't played Tut's for maybe 15 years or so and I love that venue, it's great.

"I remember a lot of people wearing those comedy Scottish ginger wigs and tartan hats and going mental one show, I think it was with Steve Lamacq - and he had one on too.

"The Scottish crowd are just mental. You can't explain it. You're used to it up there, you want to try going elsewhere it's just not as good."

The band head off on a mini-tour of Scotland right after our show, taking in gigs in Dundee, Aberdeen, Forres and Inverness.

And kicking off their comeback in Scotland was always their first choice.

Danny added: "Yeah, it had to be Scotland. Three of my five biggest and most favourite ever gigs were there. That's top five in the world.

"That was T in the Park, when we headlined the tent, both times, and the first ever Barrowland.

"They're just amazing, the audiences in Scotland are a notch up from anywhere else.

"Richard's amp once blew up and we didn't find out until three songs later because we couldn't hear his guitar over the crowd. We could smell smoke but had no idea what it was.

"We'd love to go back and do T. The album is out in April and they're booking festivals now, so we might be too late for this year.

"We definitely want to come back and do that tent again."


ON SONG ... Scotland will be first
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