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Byline: Hardeep Singh Kohli

There's a thin line between mayhem and magic. Disaster is the flip side of delight.It all started with some buttermilk and chicken thighs...

At V Deep we have whole chickens, which we portion up . e breasts get tikka'd for the butter chicken. e wings get the cumin, whisky and honey treatment and the drumsticks are brined and buttermilked before being "oured and fried.

All that's left are the thighs, ironically my favourite par t of the chicken.e fridge in the kitchen was full of unloved , unwanted, unaccounted for chicken thighs. I had been planning on doing something with them and poppin g them on the menu as a special something or othe r.

On Wednesday I opened the fridge, nally nding inspiration of a thigh-based nature. at night they would be the special curry on the menu. But the thighs were gon e. ey had disappeared. ey were nowhere to be seen.

After Taggart-like interrogations, it became clear - that the thighs had been marinaded overnight in buttermilk - mistaken for drumsticks.

We had a gaping hole in the menu and only a few hours to ll it. It was mayhem. en it became magic.

It couldn't have been simpler. A handful of ingredients, a tub full of marinaded thighs and rmly crossed ngers.

One of the most important lessons I have learnt is not to be tempted to throw loads of ingredients at a problem. It's sorely tempting but it seldom works...

Method e day before cooking, marinade the thighs - the buttermilk with half the pepper.

12 chicken thighs..., skinned 500ml buttermilk buttermilk 4tbsp freshly ground or coarse black pepper 1tbsp grated root ginger 400ml natural yoghurt natural yoghurt Salt to taste 3tbsp vegetable oil A bunch of coriander, chopped (optional) Cling lm it and leave overnight in The fridge.

e next day, in a heavy-bottomed pot, heat the oil. Fry the ginger for a few minutes before adding the rest of the black pepper.

to the boil and simmer for about 30 mins.

After a few minutes add the chicken thighs, wiped of the marinade. Keep the thighs moving for about 10 minutes.

Fish out the thickest thigh and cut open to ensure it's cooked through. Finish with the coriander or wild garlic, which has just come in season.

Mix the yoghurt with the rest of the marinade and add to the pot. Bring Next week 'll be making gulab jamuns - the Indian version of doughnuts. Tweet me @misterhsk or write to Hardeep, Daily Record, One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA.

Buttermilk, yoghurt and black pepper chicken

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Mar 21, 2015
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