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FOGHORNS around Ireland's coastline are to be switched off for good tomorrow.

The mournful and spooky sound has been a staple of countless Hollywood movies.

Now, after 100 years of dutiful service, the last of the country's 11 remaining foghorns will be no more.

Amateur sailor Eric Dillon, who keeps a small boat in Bray, Co Wicklow, will miss the evocative noises on foggy nights.

He said: "The lighthouse keepers are all gone and now the foghorn too. GPS and Doppler radar has taken over, but it doesn't have the romanticism of the spooky sounding foghorn.

"Coming into Dublin Bay on an October evening it always reminded me of the film Moby Dick."

The foghorn at Cork Harbour will be switched off, followed by Dublin and then the remaining signals equipment around the coast will fall silent.

Ironically, in the past few weeks, due to all the snow and blizzard-like conditions, they have never been busier and have been sounding almost around the clock.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 10, 2011
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