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FNH USA launches 2008 dealer program.

FNH USA's 2008 stocking dealer program gives qualifying dealers the opportunity to earn a free black Five-seveN USG pistol and a free tactical shotgun. Stocking dealers who purchase the 2008 package, consisting of six guns, will earn the pistol. Dealers who purchase two or more packages will earn a free tactical police shotgun for each additional package purchased.

The stocking dealer package consists of one each of the following firearms: FS2000 carbine, PS90 carbine, FNP 9 pistol, FNP 40 pistol, FNP 45 pistol and Five-seveN pistol.


For more information, stocking dealers should call their FNH USA commercial distributor. To become a FNH USA Stocking Dealer, call (703) 288-1292. Additional information is available at
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Title Annotation:Industry watch
Comment:FNH USA launches 2008 dealer program.(Industry watch)
Author:Thurman, Russ
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Feb 1, 2008
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