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FNH USA donates handguns to police department.

FNH USA recently donated pistols to a cash-strapped Louisiana police department that lost some of its handguns when a fire damaged its headquarters in 2007. Two years after the fire, budgetary constraints still prohibited the New Roads Police Department from replacing the damaged guns.


When Ken Pfau, vice president of law enforcement and commercial sales at FNH USA, learned of the situation, he stepped forward. He arranged for FNH to donate 27 FNP pistols to the NRPD, ensuring every sworn officer would have a brand-new duty pistol.

"There are a lot of law enforcement agencies out there struggling with reduced funding right now. This was an instance where we could really make an impact and help this department, and we were glad to do it," Pfau said.

In addition to losing firerms, the duty weapons being used by the NRPD were more than 10 years old, kept in working order only by cannibalized parts from damaged guns.

"We were in the process of doing our 10-year phase-out--a longer time than most departments keep their firearms--and here comes FN, a blessing in disguise," said Kevin A. McDonald, NRPD's chief of police. "This is truly a very great asset to the department. As with most small agencies, we operate on a modest budget, and this generous donation means a great deal to us."

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Title Annotation:Industry news
Comment:FNH USA donates handguns to police department.(Industry news)
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Date:Dec 1, 2009
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