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FMTV input seal warranty.

The FMTV manufacturer, Stewart & Stevenson, has extended the warranty for the intermediate input seal on all 5-ton FMTV vehicles with serial numbers 11438 thru 20216.

For the lowdown on the extended warranty, have your local warranty coordinator call (800) 221-3688, or fill out DA Form 2407 by email and send it to one of the following:

The following into is needed on the form:

* vehicle serial number

* vehicle mileage

* defective component part number

* description of the defect

* component serial number or date code

* quantity

* telephone number

* fax number

* shipping address

Component List for M1089A1 Wrecker

The component list for the FMTV M1089A1 wrecker can be found on the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual EM 0195. The IETM must be installed on a SPORT or MSD computer to be used. The SPORT/MSD computers interface with vehicle on-board diagnostic systems.
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