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FMN Industries.

FMN Makes Custom Work Customary

"Making Custom Work Customary" is both the goal and the slogan of FMN Industries Inc. as it strives to provide quality fiberglass products for the corrosion resistant market. FMN Industries, Inc. was founded twenty years ago in the belief that selecting the proper market niche and delivering a quality product at a competitive price was possible in the manufacture of custom fiberglass products.

Large manufacturers of fiberglass pipe and fittings generally manufacture a standard product which can be produced in volume. FMN has succeeded by manufacturing products to specific customers requirements and in non-standard amounts.

FMN's territory stretches from Arkansas to the world. From the oil fields of Saskatchewan, to a well known Orlando theme park, from a municipal composting facility near Cleveland to the basement of the Chase Manhattan Bank in downtown New York City, and closer to home in Wildwood's summer production of The Pirates of Penzance, wherever there is a need for custom fiberglass products FMN Industries Inc. is in the forefront of design and production.

FMN's products range from fire retardant duct used to handle corrosive fumes to odor control duct used in waste water treatment plants. FMN has developed and produces a fiberglass floor drain that is being successfully used in many new plant installations. We offer this drain in a complete line of sizes from 2" through 8", and in both a long and a short drain. FMN Industries also offers P-traps, sumps and other sanitary fittings for those drains requiring maximum corrosion resistance. As a producer of the fire retardant pipe used in cooling, FMN Industries, Inc. has recently been selected by a major manufacturer of cooling towers as the supplier of pipe to be installed in both its new and retrofitted cooling towers.

A relatively new market for FMN Industries Inc. is the manufacture of secondary containment systems for certain chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency has mandated that toxic chemicals potentially damaging to the environment shall be carried in a containment system that consists of a pipe within a pipe. In the unlikely event of a leak in the carrier pipe the outside pipe would contain the solution until repairs were made. FMN offers a prefabricated containment system complete with fittings. The flexibility of this system allows for the retrofitting of an existing system as well as the creation of an entirely new system.

A special, light-weight, corrosion-resistant bridge drain system manufactured by FMN Industries is being successfully used to carry water contaminated by salts and other chemicals off bridges while keeping it out of streams and rivers. Pipe and fittings produced by FMN can be found reclaiming spilled oil in the world's seas, enhancing oil production in the Persian Gulf, protecting streams and rivers from bridge run-off in the midwestern United States and handling acid wastes from plating operations in southwest Arkansas.

FMN Industries Inc. utilizes both the filament winding and the contact molding processes in manufacturing various products. The filament winding process consists of winding very fine strands of glass fibers coated with a thermosetting, plastic resin around a form. This form can take many shapes, but the most common one is the round tube, usually made of steel. Once the matrix of glass fibers and resin is cured, the form is extracted, leaving the filament-wound product. The second process, contact molding, is by far the oldest of the two processes. In it, resin is applied manually to glass cloth or glass mat over the desired form. The fiberglass reinforced product is cured and the form is removed. Each process has its place in the manufacture of custom pipe and fittings.

Key to FMN Industries' successful operation are the people behind the name-Tom Fiser, Bob Fiser, Jeff Foster, Jim Gattis and shop personnel dedicated to flexibility in performance and consistency in quality. FMN's small size means important savings to customers through low overhead, quick reaction and short delivery times. We take pride in having one of the fastest reaction times in the industry rapidly translating quotes into finished products to save down time and thus profits for our customers.

FMN Industries Inc. looks forward to moving into the twenty-first century providing quality products which encourage environmental responsibility produced by technically versatile employees taking pride in their work and in their contributions to Arkansas' economy. FMN Industries Inc...Making custom work customary through quality people producing quality products.
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Date:Aug 16, 1993
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