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FM Poposki reassures Macedonia will not turn into refugee camp.

After meeting his Czech counterpart Lubomir Zaoralek in Skopje Wednesday, Macedonia's Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki said Macedonia would not become a refugee camp because no refugee had come to the country with a parachute but from an EU member state, Vest reports.

Poposki and Zaoralek also discussed Macedonia's integration into the EU and NATO and the economic cooperation between the two countries.

"We are going to provide humane and safe transit for everybody. We are going to put into effect the decisions taken on the European level. Greece is our neighbor and it is not in our interest that the country is stranded and incapable of solving problems. But we are not going to allow for unilateral decisions at our expense to be carried out," Poposki said.

In response to the plan of transporting refugees directly from the Macedonian to the Austrian border, Poposki said this was a decision that depended on several EU member states.

"No country can decide alone. At the moment, the most important for us is to implement the conclusions that have already been passed. No measure is yet confirmed. That measure should be a measure to be put into effect by all the countries along this route," said Poposki.

Minister Zaoralek said the Czech Republic wished to help Macedonia not become a refugee camp.

"This is not about somebody turning into a victim. We all need to cooperate," he briefly said.

The ministers announced direct flight services from Skopje to Prague from May this year as a means to foster economic cooperation.

Minister Zaoralek met both government and party officials.

He said the Czech Republic was concerned about the political crisis in Macedonia.

"Especially in regard to the rule of law and media freedom. These problems need to be resolved as soon as possible. I want Macedonia to hold elections on time so the country could have representatives capable of solving problems," he said.

Poposki didn't comment on his statement and merely added that the country should hold the elections on 24 April in order to focus on its European integration.

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Date:Feb 11, 2016
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