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FM 7-15, The Army Universal Task List.

FM 7-15, The Army Universal Task List, compiles all Army tactical tasks (ARTs) for the six warfighting functions and their sub functions in one document. It describes the warfighting functions found in the modular force and their duties (or tasks) within the Army Universal Task List (AUTL). "The AUTL is a comprehensive but not all-inclusive listing of Army tasks, missions, and operations." Commanders and trainers will use the AUTL as a guide for developing mission-essential task lists and training across the warfighting functions. AUTL also provides a common language and reference system for doctrine, combat, and training developers.

Chapter 4 explains the sustainment warfighting function and its related ARTs and systems. The FM states, "Sustainment is the provision of the logistics, personnel services support, and health service support necessary to maintain operations until mission accomplishment." The four tasks of the sustainment warfighting function are to provide logistics support, personnel services support, health service support, and internment and resettlement operations (including detainee operations).

Logistics support ARTs include providing maintenance support, transportation support, supplies, field services, contracting support, distribution, and general engineer support.

Personnel services support includes human resources support, financial management support, legal support, religious support operations, and band support.

Health service support consists of providing combat casualty care, medical evacuation (air and ground), medical regulating support, and medical logistics.

Internment and resettlement operations tasks sustainers with performing detainee and enemy-prisoners of war operations and resettlement operations.

The AUTL does not include tasks performed by the Army as part of a joint or multinational force. Those tasks are compiled in the Universal Joint Task List.

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