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 TAMPA, Fla., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- "Roses are red, violets are blue, send them manure if they are untrue."
 A Florida-based company offers a unique way to express yourself to bossy bosses, crabby colleagues, dead-beat dads, false friends and jerky jokesters. A fun way to communicate with nutty neighbors, reactive relatives and lousy lovers. It's 100 percent sun-dried manure -- naturally shaped by a veterinarian-certified team of Sunshine State horses and cows.
 Recycled, preserved and creatively repackaged, the manure mirrors long-stemmed roses, corsages, sandwiches, bakery goods and other more traditional fare.
 Environmentally -- if not politically -- correct, the contents of Tongue in Cheek's baskets, bouquets and bushels are treated to ensure they are pest-free. And they're packaged to enrich, er, surprise, recipients with colorful cellophane, bows and ribbons.
 For gift-givers whose emotions cloud their ability to find the right words, the gag gift company includes targeted poetry created by in-house humorists who've been there. From an inventory of several dozen whimsical verses, you can select a priceless piece of poetic justice or have a new, wackier version created to express a specific sentiment. Poems and jingles are categorized to mark life events: kiss-offs, birthday's, illnesses, retirement, Valentine's and other holidays. Or, choose a witty rhyme to express your feelings about a recipient's behavior: cheaters, gossips, goofy golfers, teachers who can't teach; attorneys who charge too much, practical jokers who need a wake-up call.
 Tongue In Cheek manure gifts, priced from $10 for a single brown rose to $100 for bushelsful of meadow muffins, are sent anonymously. That's a company promise.
 So, ventilate today by calling 800-332-KISS to order from Tongue in Cheek's manure line. Choose a Long Stemmed Single or Dubious Dozen Roses; a Kiss-Off Small Golden Single or Colossal-size Cow Pie; a Bushel, Half-Bushel or Bucket of Nag's Nuggets; or a "You-Are-What-You- Eat" Picnic Basket with Meadow Muffin Sandwich, Derriere Water and appropriate utensils.
 Established in 1992, Tongue in Cheek, Inc. is a woman-owned and operated retail and mail order enterprise headquartered in Tampa, Fla. It's staffed by perky poets, devilish decorators and a healthy herd. And, a management team convinced that humor is a better way to cope with life's stresses and catastrophes -- and the people who help cause them. The firm's mission is to help clients express themselves in a harmless, environmentally correct, tastefully presented way.
 To place an order or obtain more information, call 800-332-KISS (5477).
 -0- 6/8/93 R
 /NOTE TO EDITOR: Photos available upon request.
 CONTACT: Debra Nosse of Tongue in Cheek, 800-332-KISS or evenings, 813-960-2013/

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Date:Jun 17, 1993

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