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BEST OF THE BUNCH - Rudbeckia Summer may be almost over, but zingy rudbeckias keep flower borders bright, with their daisy-like flowers and chocolate brown centres, blending beautifully as the colours in the garden change.

They can grow from 60cm (24in) to 180cm (72in) tall, so there is one for every situation, but taller varieties may need staking. They are easy to grow, thriving in full sun and a reasonably fertile, moist soil.

Some will also do well in partial shade. THE sight of lemon groves in warm Mediterranean countries could leave British gardeners green with envy, but it is possible to grow your own lemon trees in pots on a sunny patio, as long as you keep them in a conservatory in winter.

You can buy these evergreens for growing in pots at any time of year. Don''t be in a hurry to repot plants as they like to be slightly pot-bound.

They need a good soaking whenever the compost is almost dry and feed with a citrus feed.

When the weather warms up in June, put them on a sheltered patio.
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Date:Aug 22, 2013
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