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We all know we should be watching what we eat by keeping an eye on ingredients and choosing real, simple foods that are also tasty - for ourselves, and our families.

But we also know that with busy lives to contend with - a hectic Saturday in the supermarket and about 15 minutes to do the weekly shop before you have to get the kids to football practice - it's not always that easy.

That's why it's essential to have confidence that the people behind the products you eat every day ensure the ingredients they use are of the highest quality.

For over 50 years, Flora has cared for the quality ingredients that make their great-tasting spreads: where those ingredients come from, and how they're grown.

SIMPLE AND FULL OF GOODNESS We all know Flora is made with the goodness of sunflowers*, but it's also blended with simple ingredients like rapeseed and linseed oils, buttermilk and just a pinch of salt. Ingredients you could find in your own fridge and cupboards at home.

'The making of margarine is a really simple process,' says Sue Batty, Unilever Chef. 'The rapeseeds are harvested, and then crushed and refined to get the oil. The oils are blended with sunflower and linseed oil and a few other simple ingredients to make the spread you know and love.'


Flora is also dedicated to making delicious, sustainable foods that support the environment, and farmers. All of the rapeseed oil that goes into Flora is harvested right here, and by next summer, it will also be 100% sustainable.

Working with LEAF - a charity who promote sustainable food and farming - Flora has made sure their farmers are looking after their land and its local wildlife, to ensure it can continue to grow crops for future generations.


So it's packed with natural goodness* and has a strong commitment to farms and the environment - but the best thing about Flora is that it tastes great too, whether you're spreading it on sandwiches, melting it on hot crumpets or using it to create a baking masterpiece - there's a Flora blend for you.

That's what makes Flora, the original sunflower spread, such a versatile, delicious product.


Flora is proud of the farms and farmers they work with, so they invited blogger Lucy Bishop (below), from Mrs Bishop's Bakes & Banter, to see the process for herself at College Farm in Cambridgeshire. 'They use only rapeseed oil made here, some of which came from the farm I was standing in,' she said. 'I try so often to support local producers, it's an important part of the way I shop. Flora is a product I will pick above all other brands now I know their products contain simple ingredients.' For simple and tasty family meal inspiration, visit


Did you know that rapeseed looks like this, just before it's harvested?

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 12, 2014
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