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FLIGHT DECKED; Barge sails Concorde into retirement.

Byline: ANTHONY HARWOOD US Editor in New York

SHE'S carried hundreds of thousands across the Atlantic but yesterday Concorde arrived in New York harbour as a passenger herself... aboard a barge.

The British Airways supersonic jet sailed up the Hudson River to go on show on the former US aircraft carrier Intrepid moored at the Sea Air Space Museum.

The 88-ton plane, which flew from Heathrow two weeks ago, was towed four miles to the the river and lifted on the barge by crane. Two tugs then towed it on its final 90-minute journey. Since Concorde's last passenger flights last month, BA's jets have found new homes at Manchester airport, in Barbados and in Seattle. One will go to a flight museum in Edinburgh.

The remaining one will stay at Heathrow.

The last Concorde flight will take 100 members of the plane's team today from Heathrow to Filton in Bristol, where the jet was made.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 26, 2003
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