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IT'S a silly sort of mental spoonerism but Farley Jackmaster Funk and Grandmaster Flash, in my addled Swiss-cheese grey matter, warped over time to become one and the same. Then Boys Own spinner Terry Farley came on the scene and now Jackmaster, a Scottish upstart, has made his name as the ultimate party DJ spinning 90s Chicago House and Ddetroit techno, like his namesake. Just to f*** with me further.

It didn't help that that same addled, Swiss cheese mind was able to join up dots in the continuum that never existed - such as the "obvious" evolution from seminal hip hop tracks The Message and White Lines to Chicago house classics such as Jack The Bass and Love Can't Turn Around and Farley's acid house that made him a household name (in households fond of E).

It mattered not that they could only have operated on different planes - Flash and his crew the Furious Five hailed from the South Bronx, Jackmaster, real name Farley Keith, was a Chigago native while Terry Farley is obviously English.

In a way, it could be argued, there are parallels, if not exact similarities, between these fine DJ/producers. Three were arch innovators right at at the pointy end of perhaps the most important musical movements since that fission of jazz, blues and country exploded just after the Second World War. And their influence is still felt today not least by the fourth, Jackmaster, who is guest of honour at Shine's 20 Years celebration at the LImelight tonight. He's joined by local genius Space Dimension Controller and Jordan (doors 10pm, PS12 plus booking fee).

Confusing matters further Grandmaster Flash plays Narrow Water Castle next Saturday - another of those cracking nights put on by Riff Raff in and around Newry.

We don't think Farley Jackmaster Funk is on his way, nor Terry Farley for that matter. But if they were, and in my addled, Swiss-cheese grey matter it just might happen, we could add Terri Hooley into an eclectic DJ mash-up. Behold: Terri Hooley Jackmaster Flash...

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 25, 2015
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