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FEARGAL McGILL has defended Central Council's decision not to back a Roscommon motion calling for a 'blank canvas' around fixture-making.

The Roscommon branch of the Club Players Association has come out strongly on the matter saying that they "are utterly disgusted and disappointed at what we believe is a clear sign of contempt by our main governing body for a motion deliberated, discussed and passed by the clubs of Roscommon at a time of great concern over the GAA's fixtures crises".

The statement, issued by former Roscommon county board chairman Tommy Kenoy, went on to list a number of grievances about how the motion was distributed ahead of last Saturday's Central Council gathering and claimed that the GAA "is fast becoming a corporate elitist body whose leaders have lost sight of the GAA's central ethos; a community based Gaelic games and culture organization with the club at its very core".

Speaking before the statement was released, McGill (left), the GAA's director of player, club and games administration, said: "What I would say is we're in the middle of a three-year experiment. First and foremost, it would be naive to think that we have never looked at it from a blank canvas point of view.

"The main analysis of this three-year period will probably begin next August and that has been known for a period of time.

"I would be confident that we are on the right road. I've said this consistently that things won't change overnight."

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Nov 28, 2018
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