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FITCHBURG - Awards and scholarships for the Fitchburg High School class of 2008 are listed.

Senate Education Arts And Humanities Book Award: Owen Rheaume.

7th Annual Joshua Vaillancourt Memorial Scholarship Award: Zackary L'Ecuyer.

Peter John Kulkkula Scholarship: Wesley Swanson.

Elaine Kotoch Memorial Scholarship: Eric Faucher.

Lance Corporal Geofrey Cayer Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas McNamara.

Douglass P. Grutchfield Scholarships: Nicholas McNamara, Jordan DiGeronimo.

Fitchburg Pop Warner Scholarship: Nicholas McNamara.

Angelita Santiago Minority Student Scholarship Fund: Katherine Francisco.

Carol Mulloy Cuttle Scholarship: Alyssa Fanelli.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette Student Achievement Award: Robert Binnall.

American Legion Post 10 Award: Kyle Boudreau; Kia Yang; Jeremy Lapointe; Hillary Durkee; Adam Ramos; Megan Maloney; Timothy John.

Dante Ciccolini Memorial Scholarship: Choua Yang.

F.H.S. Band Parent Association Scholarship: Timothy John.

Fitchburg City Council Herman Bourque Scholarship: Dylan Anderson.

Rotary Club 2007 Laws Of Life Essay Contest Winning Essay And Awards: Shane Haase, First Place; James Pelletier, Honorable Mention; Cesavon Vang, Honorable Mention; Shelby Giaccarini, Honorable Mention. Also being recognized are: Koua Xiong, Kirstie Galletta, Zachary Zins, Nathania Demosthenes, Andrew McCluskey, Zackary L'Ecuyer, Steven Silvar, Ashlie Cormier.

2008 Comcast Leaders & Achievers Award: Ashlie Cormier.

Society Of Women Engineers Certificate Of Merit (Highest Honors in Science & Mathematics): Natalia Vieira, Choua Yang, Ashlie Cormier.

54th Annual Jewish War Veterans Award - Honorable Mention: Courtney Gustafson.

Massachusetts Daughters of The American Revolution: Jenna David.

Nominee For The 2008 Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program: Ashlie Cormier.

John S. Lukas Excellence in Art Award (Donated by the class of 1988): Yang Moua.

Art Award Established by the class of 1966: Michelle St. Onge.

Anna Nason Art Award: Sara Quatrale.

Class Of 1991 Art Student Of The Year Award: Ashlie Cormier.

Mt. Wachusett Community College Art Exhibition Award, Honorable Mention: Dawn Trainque, Jessica Reynolds, Hannah Chetkowski.

Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award: Gold Key Recipient: Jessica Reynolds; Silver Key Recipient: Ashlie Cormier; Honorable Mention Recipient: Yang Moua.

Worcester County Superintendents' Assoc. Award For Academic Excellence: Joan Spellane; Natalia Vieira.

Fitchburg High School 2007-2008 Fame Program Award: Jeffrey Cosenza, Choua Yang.

National Honor Society - Fitchburg Chapter, F.H.S.: Dylan Anderson, Clarissa Barnett, Robert Binnall, Jessica Boisvenue, Vanessa Bottarro, Melissa Campbell, Melissa Colon, Brian Conroy, Ashlie Cormier, Leticia Crespo, Jenna David, Allison Davis, Lisa Delibertis, Jordan DeLoge, Nathania Demosthenes, Eric Diaz, Jordan DiGeronimo, Alyssa Fanelli, Eric Faucher, Kirstie Galletta, Courtney Gustafson, Timothy John, Jeremy Lapointe, Barbara Locher, Jeremy Machado, Meghan Maloney, Andrew McCluskey, Shayla O'Rourke, Alyssa Phillips, Emma Porell, Sara Quatrale, Jessica Reynolds, Kayla Reynolds, Owen Rheaume, Joan Spellane, Lucia Tringali, Natalia Vieira, Russ White, Choua Yang, Kia Yang.

Margaret Mary Mallahy English Award: Andrew McCluskey.

Rita T. Mallahy Excellence in Senior English Award: Dylan Anderson.

Mary Taylor English Award: Jennifer Banks.

1910 English Essay Prize: Natalia Vieira.

Dartmouth Club Of Central Ma Book Award: Ashlie Cormier.

2008 Yearbook Award: Nicholas McNamara, Kahlil Ford.

Computer Technology Award: Matthew Gould.

Dale I. Eilerman Award for Web Design: Eric Faucher.

Fitchburg Education Association Scholarship: Dylan Anderson, Robert Binnall, Ashlie Cormier, Jeffrey Cosenza, Eric Diaz, Jordan DiGeronimo, Zackary L'Ecuyer, Emma Porell, Sara Quatrale, Jessica Reynolds, Gregory Tourigny, Russ White.

David L. Stanke Scholarship for the Arts Award: Jessica Reynolds, Nathan Haskell.

District Arts Showcase Logo Design Award: (1st Place) Ashlie Cormier; (2nd Place) Sara Quatrale.

Excellence in Theater Scholarship Award: Dylan Anderson.

FHS Drama Club Award: Stefanie Carreiro, Cassie Cook,Meghan Maloney, Shayla O'Rourke, Joan Spellane.

Lillian M. Taylor Drama Award: Dylan Anderson.

Miriam Lehto-Stratton Players Drama Scholarship: Cassie Cook.

Bernard J. Welch Memorial Drama Award: Alyssa Phillips.

Gail Kostopolous Healy Scholarship: Shayla O'Rourke.

Gold "F" Recipients: Dylan Anderson, Clarissa Barnett, Robert Binnall, Jessica Boisvenue, Melissa Campbell, Brian Conroy, Ashlie Cormier, Jenna David, Allison Davis, Tasha DeBlois, Lisa DeLibertis, Jordan Deloge, Nathania Demosthenes, Alyssa Fanelli, Eric Faucher, Joseph Gates, Courtney Gustafson, Timothy John, Brienna Lahti, Jeremy Lapointe, Meghan Maloney, Jessica Mullins, Shayla O'Rourke, Emma Porell, Sara Quatrale, Kayla Reynolds, Owen Rheaume, Joan Spellane, Wesley Swanson, Natalia Vieira, Choua Yang, Kia Yang.

Rita Silverstein Nursing/Health Scholarship: Lisa Delibertis.

First Parish Church-Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Alice Mason Memorial Scholarship: Joseph Gates.

Academic Achievement Award: Antonio McGregor.

School Spirit Award: Michael Shaw.

Most Cooperative Award: Adam Christner.

Certificate of Appreciation for Providing Peer Tutoring to Special Needs Students: Olivia Mahone.

ESL Outstanding Achievement Award: Iram Khan, Salma Khan.

The Ruth Kirousis Memorial Award: Cristopher Rivera, Djibril Diagne.

North Central Mass. Chamber of Commerce Enterprise Bank & Trust Scholarship: Dylan Anderson.

North Central Mass. Chamber of Commerce Health Alliance Hospital, Inc. Scholarship: Joan Spellane.

North Central Mass. Chamber of Commerce Workers' Credit Union Scholarship: Natalia Vieira.

Sean O'Connell Memorial Award: Hillary Durkee.

Henri's School of Hair Design Scholarship: Samantha Harkness.

8th Annual Higher Education Award Given by Fitchburg M.E. Federal Credit Union: Ashlie Cormier.

The District E Athletic Directors' Award: Jordan DiGeronimo, Jeremy Kimber.

Amiott Awards for Excellence in Physical Education: Nathania Demosthenes, Zachary Zins.

Spanish IV Award: Dylan Anderson.

Latin IV Award: Natalia Vieira.

Herve' Brisson Scholarship: Carly Belliveau.

Frank M. Howe Advanced Math Prize: Brienna Lahti.

Nicholas Ruberti Calculus Award, Class of 1976 Donor: Natalia Vieira.

Nicholas G. Ruberti Calculus Scholarship: Timothy John.

Carl Perkins Award for Excellence in Science: Choua Yang.

American Assoc. of Physics Teachers Award: Natalia Vieira.

Anatomy Award: Lucia Tringali.

Leslie Griffiths Physics Award: Brian Conroy.

Hartwell Advanced Placement Biology Prize: Choua Yang.

Advanced Placement Chemistry Award: Timothy John.

Environmental Science Award: Jenna David.

Bioethics Award: Jenna David.

Slattery's Turkey Trot Scholarship: Jaime Matias, Hillary Durkee.

The June M. (Michaels) Anderson Memorial Scholarship: Zachary Zins.

Jennifer Sweatman Memorial Scholarship: Joan Spellane.

The Rotary Club of Fitchburg Youth of the Year Award: Alexandrea Hall, Jessica Reynolds.

Bernard J. Welch Memorial Scholarship: Robert Binnall.

FHS Principal's Award: Melissa Campbell, Jessica Boisvenue, Tasha DeBlois.

The Wal-Mart & Sam's Club Latin Award: Courtney Gustafson.

The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: Dylan Anderson, Jacob Bachant, Anna Balaguer, Clarissa Barnett, Carley Belliveau, Robert Binnall, Jessica Boisvenue, Vanessa Bottarro, Kyle Boudreau, Melissa Campbell, Brian Conroy, Cassandra Cook, Ashlie Cormier, Catlyn Cormier, Amanda Craigen, Leticia Crespo, Jenna David, Allison Davis, Tasha Deblois, Lisa Delibertis, Nathania Demosthenes, Eric Diaz, Jordan DiGeronimo, Shannon Donnelly, Joseph Gates, Shelby Giaccarini, Matthew Gould, Ryan Grant, Courtney Gustafson, Shane Haase, Alexandrea Hall, Nathan Haskell, Michael Irwin, Timothy John, Pheatarah Kang, Derrick Kwan, Brienna Lahti, Jeremy LaPointe, Bianca LeBlanc, Ryan LeBlanc, Zackery L'Ecuyer, Joshua Less, Barbara Locher, Jeremy Machado, Matthew Maguy, Meghan Maloney, Jessica Mullins, Bianca McDonald, John Mendez, Nahiomy Mora, Shayla O'Rourke, Emma Porell, Sara Quatrale, Jessica Reynolds, Kayla Reynolds, Samantha Rivers, Mark Schneider, Johann Schuerman, Zachary Schweda, Stephen Silvar, Joan Spellane, Michelle St. Onge, Wesley Swanson, Gregory Tourigny, Lucia Tringali, Natalia Vieira, Russ White, Benjamin Wiinikainen, Paul Woodcome, Choua Yang, Kia Yang, Mai Yang, Zachary Zins.
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Date:Jun 19, 2008
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