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 CUPERTINO, Calif., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The recently introduced Starcore publishing group within the Personal Interactive Electronics (PIE) division at Apple Computer (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) has announced six new titles for the Newton MessagePad. Some of these titles are delivered on PCMCIA cards that fit into the card slot at the top of the MessagePad; others are on a diskette, which can be downloaded as required from a personal computer. All titles are expected to ship early in the fall.
 "This announcement underlines the fact that the Newton business is not just about hardware," said Ken Wirt, director of publishing, PIE Division. "We have been working closely with developers in this venture, and we are extremely pleased with this first portfolio of titles. I believe that Starcore is now well-positioned to contribute significantly to the acceptance of the Newton family as the principal standard for the PDA market."
 The first titles from Starcore Publishing include the following:
 -- "Fodors 94 Travel Manager: Top U.S. Cities." Includes 500 locations per city, including restaurants -- detailing the type of cuisine, the credit cards they accept and other travel information and business services -- hotels, sights of interest, airport information. Covers eight cities, with detailed interactive maps highlighting destinations and routes. Suggested retail price: $119.95.
 -- "Fortune 500 Guide to American Business" is an enriched electronic version of the Fortune 500 and Service 500, giving a rich source of information on all aspects of America's largest companies. Compares information on topics including sales per employee, five-year financial performance histories for sales, profits and earnings per share. Users can take advantage of sophisticated search and sort options, compare performance of companies and prepare graphs (using five years of data on two companies) and custom calculations. Suggested retail price: $99.95.
 -- "Dell Crossword Puzzles & Other Games" contains hundreds of puzzles, as well as Cryptograms and Word Searches. Suggested retail price: $79.95. An abbreviated version of this product also comes in a diskette-based version, with suggested retail price: $49.95.
 -- "Money Magazine Financial Assistant" includes calculation templates to evaluate a number of the most common financial decisions. Categories include investments, loans, budgets, property transactions and so on. Suggested retail price: $99.95.
 -- "Money Magazine Business Forms" makes it easy to fill out the most used financial forms, including expense reports, project plans and loan calculations. It has 12 templates. This product is delivered on diskette. Using the optional Newton Connection, just the form required can be downloaded from the personal computer. Suggested retail price: $39.95.
 -- "Columbo's Mystery Capers" -- more than 40 brain teasers complete with graphics and text-based clues. Each humorous mystery opens with a text introduction and an illustration of the scene of the crime. Players use the stylus to uncover the potential clues which reveal important details. Suggested retail price: $79.95.
 Apple has been working actively with information providers and publishers to develop titles for the Starcore portfolio, which is intended to include products in the categories of general reference, business/professional, education and entertainment.
 The opportunity for publishers is considerable, according to Kenzi Sugihara, of Random House, who cooperated with Apple to publish the Fodors Guide title. Sugihara, who is vice president and publisher at Random House Reference and Electronic Publishing, commented, "What we are seeing is the opportunity for publishers to reach a very broad section of the population: We are giving a whole new group of people the information and entertainment they want in a new, accessible format."
 As well as Random House, other developer partners for the Starcore titles include: GeoSystems (a subsidiary of RR Donnelley & Sons), Pensee, PenMagic Software Inc., and Blank, Berlyn & Co.
 NOTE: Apple and the Apple logo are registered trademarks and Newton, MessagePad and Starcore are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc.
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