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THE jury saw CCTV footage of a hero fireman confronting alleged suicide bomber Ramzi Mohammed after he detonated his device.

In the panic after the detonator flashed but the rucksack device failed to explode, off-duty Angus Campbell ushered terrified passengers into the next Tube carriage one-by-one.

Mr Campbell was left alone with Mohammed. He challenged him, pointing at him as he stood arms outstretched. Prosecutor Nigel Sweeney said: "He was made of firmer stuff. He remonstrated.

"Mohammed pointed at the rucksack, saying 'It wasn't me, it was that'. He put the rucksack on the floor, no doubt the best he could do bearing in mind his surprise at being alive." When the train reached Oval station he fled.

Mohammed had boarded the packed Tube wearing a New York hoodie. Mr Sweeney said: "A passenger noticed he appeared to be whispering to himself."

He was carrying a rucksack, the jury heard. Mr Sweeney said: "It had a slit for the bomb wires. The wires entered via a slit in the New York top."

Mohammed got into the second carriage of the Northern Line Tube. A camera captured him holding on to a pole while his hand was in his trouser pocket - containing the device's battery.

Before pressing the detonator he allegedly turned his rucksack to point towards a mum and her toddler.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 17, 2007
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