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My mantra "Don't get mad, get motivated" has always guided me and recently, I had the opportunity to dialogue about its power with 1,000 women in technology.

There are few things more rewarding than sharing my journey and the bits of wisdom I've gained along the way with a room full of diverse women who are blazing their own trails. That's what I was able to do during a Women of the Channel event, where we had real talk about the joys and challenges we face.

We all know that the numbers aren't always in our favor. Women in the U.S. earn more degrees than men, but only earn 35 percent of the undergraduate STEM degrees, according to the Brookings Institution.

Statistics like this exist throughout industries for so many groups, as those of us in the Latino business community know all too well.

That's where "Don't get mad, get motivated" comes into play.

Instead of getting caught up in the negativity, make it fuel you and go rock it! The more you buckle down and focus on being crazy good at what you're good at, the more you'll excel. Then, you can reach back, open doors for others, and change those stats for good.

While building Pinnacle Group into the fastest-growing woman-owned company in the country, that's been my mission. I've worked to open doors for minorities and women in business and more recently, to expand opportunities for women and girls in STEM fields.

That's why I joined forces with the Global Leaders Organization (GLO) as a leader for Latino markets. GLO is a powerful virtual community and in my role, I'm able to connect business leaders worldwide with the resources that they need to succeed.

It brings me great pride to be part of a robust digital platform, which offers access to partnerships to raise capital and access to critical networking--both online at and in-person at GLO events.

This gets to the heart of the motto "Don't get mad, get motivated." Rather than get discouraged, we can seek out 21st century solutions that empower us while lifting up our community. It all comes back to approaching life with resilience and a positive mindset.

In an interview recorded at the Women of the Channel IT leadership event, I expanded on that theme even more. To see the chat, head to my social media platforms and look for link that says, "Pinnacle Group CEO Nina Vaca On The Power of Finesse."

In the video, I share that sometimes, we aren't just confronted with passive barriers, we're directly challenged by unconscious bias or negative action.

We've all crossed those bridges. In my own life, I've encountered it as a CEO, a board member, a woman, a Latina, a mother.

Instead of getting upset or trying to make a point, though, I respond with finesse, meaning I stay classy and let people save face.

It's about taking the high road, but it's also about getting better results and building credibility that will serve you a lifetime. Credibility is everything and it's shaped by consistent behavior.

Being known as an advocate for others and as a person of integrity is much weightier than getting the last word. So, the next time you get challenged by what people might think or say, take a breath, dig down deep, and respond with finesse.


Nina Vaca is Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, the fastest-growing woman-owned company in the country. Vaca is one of the few Latinas in the nation serving on corporate boards. In addition to her business leadership, she has served as a civic leader and philanthropist, working relentlessly to expand opportunities for minorities and women in business, especially in STEM fields for women and girls. In 2014, Vaca was appointed by the White House as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship and in that capacity has traveled extensively to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide.
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Date:Jan 1, 2019
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