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FINDTHESE HEARTLESS CAT KILLERS; Elderly tabbysavaged by dogs and thugs.

THIS is the horrifying moment yobs set upon a defenceless cat, allowing their four dogs to maul it to death before kicking its tiny body through the air.

Outraged cat-lover Alf White used to look after Tooch, the feral tabby cat, every day at the Knowsley Industrial Park where he works.

He learned of her fate when he watched CCTV footage of the yard yesterday morning.

Mr White broke down and cried as he told the ECHO."You see a Jack Russell mauling her and then a lad comes in and pulls the Jack Russell off and kicks her, our Tooch, just like that."

A pair of youths and their pack of four dogs, one which appears to be a lurcher with distinctive markings, can clearly be seen by the gates watching on as the cat is killed.

The attack appears to have taken place just after 3pm on Sunday, not long after Mr White visited the Fredal Tiles showroom in Kirkby to feed Tooch.

When he arrived at work yesterday and found her bed empty, Mr White knew something was wrong.

He said: "In the morning I came in and said, 'where's Tooch?'I went looking for her, even searching the woods.

"Then I checked the CCTV and there it was.

"I couldn't see the front of the building where they've come in but I'm glad because I can't see all they've done to her."

Traumatised afterwatching the shocking footage, which clearly shows the elderly cat trying to get away as she is set upon, Mr White went out into the yard and discovered Tooch's dumped body.

He said: "They had covered her with piece of cardboard."

Tooch had lived for more than five years at the tile showroom and was treated as a pet by staff and customers who fussed over her.

Mr White added: "I feed all the birds and she used to catch the birds and eat them, so I fed her. She was wild at first. 'It is understand what inside "But then she was lovely and happy and never ever scratched or bit me once."

minds moronic people' Mr White even made the effort to travel to the industrial estate on Christmas Day to give Tooch her dinner and recently paid a vet bill of pounds 360 to have her teeth fixed. VOICE - PAGE Sickened by the cowardly attack, Mr White spoke out to condemn the thugs and make an appeal for ECHO readers to help catch them.

He said: "I want them caught.

to goes on "I'm going to do as much as I can, I want them caught and I want them prosecuted and I want them to go to jail."

tiny such THE The footage taken by CCTV cameras mounted high on the gates of the Fredal yard does not clearly show the faces of either of the men, but Mr White hopes that someone who knows the pair will recognise them or their assortment of dogs.

10 . If you have any information about the attack call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


TEARS: Alf White with Tooch's empty cat basket MAULED: Tooch the cat was set upon by a dog and two youths SICKENING: One of the thugs is caught on CCTV kicking out at the cat, and (right) standing over its lifeless body
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 25, 2011
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