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FIND/SVP MarketLooks market research briefings now available on LEXIS-NEXIS.

FIND/SVP MarketLooks market and industry briefing reports, a valuable new category of market research information, are now available on the LEXIS-NEXIS online legal, news, and business service, according to a recent announcement.

FIND/SVP MarketLooks are 10- to 20-page market summaries of an industry sector or demographic market and are developed specifically for the online environment. The data found within these reports have been compiled from longer, in-depth FIND/SVP and Packaged Facts market intelligence reports. The briefings also include, for the first time on LEXIS-NEXIS, full-color charts and graphs. Each report typically includes a section covering the following criteria:

* Market size and growth

* Industry structure

* Product segments

* Market share

* Market forecasts

* Retail distribution

* Marketing and promotion

* The consumer or end user

* Company profiles

"These reports are a perfect tool for LEXIS-NEXIS customers who want to get up to speed quickly on a particular market," said Lynn Christie, vice president and managing director of FIND/SVP Research Publications Group. "The overviews can save time, money, and the need to sift through a lengthy, in-depth analysis."

Only on LEXIS-NEXIS, according to the company, can users purchase an entire briefing report or just the sections of a report without incurring the cost of an entire briefing. Customers can view a free preview of any given report that includes a summary of the briefing, the index terms found in the report, and, where a document includes tabular data, a table shell (table columns and rows without the data) at no additional charge. The preview also provides the ability to retrieve the full text of individual documents for $20 each or the entire briefing report for $200. The reports are found in the Market Research (MKTRES) library on LEXIS-NEXIS.

Various professionals will benefit from these graphical overviews, including management consultants; marketing; market research; advertising; financial, legal, and competitive intelligence professionals; or anyone else needing a quick understanding of a market's driving forces.

The reports provide broad coverage. FIND/SVP MarketLooks cover hundreds of markets in consumer products, demographics, pharmaceuticals/health care, retail services, interactive technologies, telecommunications, and more.

Source: LEXIS-NEXIS, Dayton, OH, 800/227-4908, 937/865-1059; http://

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Date:Apr 1, 1997
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