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 ATLANTA, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The 92 finalists have been

named in the 42nd Annual Excellence in Journalism Awards, The Green Eyeshade, a competition sponsored by The Atlanta Professional Chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) which recognizes the best in southern journalism.
 There are two rounds of judging in this 11-state, all-media awards program. First finalists are selected in each of The Green Eyeshade's 26 judging categories. The finalists named here were selected from the 368 entries submitted by broadcast and print and magazine journalists in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.
 The top winner in each category along with the overall "best of show" award, the prestigious Green Eyeshade, is being selected in a second judging round now and will be named at The Green Eyeshade Awards Banquet starting at 6 p.m., Saturday, March 14, in the Atlanta Airport Marriott Ballroom. Reservations (cost $35 per person) may be made by telephoning the Atlanta Chapter's 24-hour hotline at 404-496-9957.
 John Holliman, Cable News Network's (CNN) Washington Bureau Correspondent, is the keynote speaker. John Seigenthaler, former editorial director of USA TODAY and chairman emeritus of The Tennessean, will receive the Ralph McGill Award for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism.
 Deadline Reporting: The Miami Herald, "Operation Court Broom," by Don Van Natta Jr. and Arnold Markowitz; "Code Blue Nurse," by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution News Staff; "William Kennedy Smith Trial -- Not Guilty," by Christine Stapleton, Amy Driscoll, Tim O'Meilia, Paul Lomartire, Gary Kane, Doug Cohen, Siobhan Morrissey, John Bartosek, Val Ellicott, Frank Cerabino and Mary Kate Leming of The Palm Beach Post; "HRS.," The Tampa Tribune, by Lisa Demer, Tim Collie, Wayne Garcia, Karen Long, Paul Wilborn, Mark Davis and Stephanie Tripp, as well as an entry by The Birmingham News that is called "Birmingham Air Crash Toll 13," by The Birmingham News Staff.
 Non-Deadline -- News: "America In Black and White," The Tampa Tribune by The Tampa Tribune news staff; "Georgia's DUI Scandal," by Adam Gelb and Katie Long of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; "In Search of America," by Lizette Alvarez of The Miami Herald; "Police Brutality," by Bob Levenson and Alex Beasley of The Orlando Sentinel; "Chicken: How Safe? At What Cost?" by Scott Bronstein of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; "Dr. Acer's Deadly Secret," by The Palm Beach Post; and "A Health Care Nightmare," by Jacquee Petchel of The Miami Herald.
 Non-Deadline -- Feature: "Bill Brown," by Elizabeth Leland, The Charlotte Observer; "Murder He Wrote," by Mike McLeod of The Orlando Sentinel; "Resurrection Power: How Christy Rogers Came Back," by Betsy Butgereit of The Birmingham News; "Medical Matters," by John Dorschner of The Miami Herald.
 Sports Reporting: "MSU: Paths of Change," by Lynn Zinser of The Commercial Appeal; "Worst to First: Braves Win National League Pennant," by I.J. Rosenberg of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; "Ramsey Tapes," by Blair Robertson and the staff of The Montgomery Advertiser; and "Birth Of A Team," by S.L. Price of The Miami Herald.
 Business Reporting: "Vacancy In Memphis: The Holiday Inn Saga," by Susan Adler Thorp and Ted Evanoff, The Commercial Appeal; "Shocks To The System," by M. Rex Smith and Emory Thomas Jr., Atlanta Business Chronicle; and "Cascade's Troubles," by David Poppe of The Broward (FL) Review.
 Photography: "Haiti: Poverty, Politics and Passion," by Jeffery Salter of The Miami Herald; "Five Examples," by John Bazemore of The Daily News (Duluth, Ga.); and "The Last Train Ride," by Patrick Farrell of The Miami Herald.
 Editorial Cartoon: "Environmental President," by Dana J. Summers of The Orlando Sentinel; "Cosmetic Surgery," by Chan Lowe of the Sun-Sentinel; and "Five Examples," by John Bazemore of The Daily News.
 Investigative Reporting: "An Abuse of Trust," by Joe Starita of The Miami Herald; "The Assassination of Harry T. Moore," by James C. Clark of The Orlando Sentinel; and "Law and Order?" by Tom Dubocq of The Miami Herald.
 Deadline Reporting: WXIA-TV, "6 p.m. Newscast May 27, 1991," by the Eleven-Alive News Staff; "DeKalb Cop Shot," WGNX-TV, by Everett Bevelle, Cheryl Irons, Kathleen Kennedy, Bob Page and Babbet Sims; and "Manhunt for James Tracy Lee," by the WCBD-TV Action News TV 2 staff.
 Non-Deadline -- News: "Shattered Innocence -- Portrait of a Child Molester," by Doug Richards and Helen Lester of WAGA-TV; "Confessions Of A Serial Killer," by Laure Quinlivan, reporter, and Rodney King, photographer, of WKRN-News; "Looking The Other Way," by Richard Belcher and Andre Jones of WSB-TV; and "Putting A Face On AIDS," by Phil Bell, producer, and Allen Reid, photographer, of the WTVF-TV News Channel 5 Staff.
 Non-Deadline -- Feature: "Special Effects -- Mask," by Denny Moore, Pete Smith and David Brumbach of WGNX-TV; "The Fourth World," by Leisa Zigman, John Biffar and Paul Cortez of WBBH-TV; and "Holy Visions," by Rick Willis, director of news, John Pastorek, reporter, and Robert Chandler, photographer, of WBRZ-TV.
 Sports Reporting: "A.J." by Jerry Johnson and Paul Grove of WTSP-TV; "Those Glorious Gators," by Joe Daggett and Dwaine Scott of WIS-TV; "Fired Up," by Rick Willis, director of news, and John Pastorek, reporter, WBRZ-TV; and "Sports Cars," by Kristy Deer and Dave Darling of WSB-TV.
 Business Reporting: "Car Repair Rip-offs," by Leslie Lyles of WCBD-TV 2 Action News; "Lemon Law," by Kevin Cokely, Keith Williams and David Brumbach of WGNX-TV; and "Political Ads," by Kevin Cokely, David Brumbach and Keith Williams of WGNX-TV.
 Photography: "Hot Shots," by Bill Garcia of WTSP-TV; "Lost Civilization," by Scott Rensberger of WKRN-TV; "Knifemaker," by Bill Garcia of WTSP-TV; and "Camp With Class," by Allen Reid, photographer, of WTVF-TV News Channel 5.
 Investigative Reporting: "Deadly Consequences," by John Marler, reporter, Richard Hyde, producer, Helen Lester, photographer, and Ed Coughlin, editor, all of WAGA-TV; and "Down The Drain," by Stuart Watson, reporter, and Scott Rensberger, photographer, of the WKRN-News staff.
 Deadline Reporting: "The Hans Kraus Verdict," by Wade Medlock, reporter, and Gene Blaine, producer, of WGST Radio; "Good Friday Storms," by Dave Foulk, Bob Coxe, Kurk Melhuish, Scott Slade, Condance Pressley and Eric Taylor of WSB-AM; and "Parade Shooting," by Elaine Wooten, Dave Foulk, Doug Rink, Kerry Browning and Eric Taylor, also of WSB-AM.
 Non-Deadline Reporting -- News: "Beating The Big C.," by Dave Foulk, WSB-AM; "Rules of ROTC," by Patricia Kemp of WUSF-FM; and "Trick or Truth," by Eric Taylor of WSB-AM; and "Out Of School and Out Of Work," by Condance Pressley of WSB-AM.
 Non-Deadline Reporting -- Feature: "Something's Burning," by Barbara Richardson of WUWF-FM; "1991 -- The Year In Review," by Rob Stadler of WSTR-FM; "A Taste of Georgia," by Peach State News of the Peach State Public Radio; "Child Neglect in South Carolina," by Lexie Chatham, South Carolina Educational Radio Network; "Georgians on the Homefront," by Doug Rink, WSB-AM; and "Interactive Learning," by Bobbie O'Brien of WUSF-FM.
 Sports Reporting: "Rodeo," by Scott Horsley of WUSF-FM News; "Atlanta Honors The Braves," by WGST Radio Reporters Steve Holman, Jack Kennedy, Don Dornberg, Tammy Lloyd, Howard Gunter with anchor Wade Medlock and producer Gene Blaine; and "All-American Girls' Professional Baseball League," by Susan Gage of WFSU-FM.
 Business Reporting: "Ostrich Ranch," by Sally E. Spener of WFSU-FM; "Fair Trade?" by Shoshana Edelberg, WUSF-FM; and Mike Kavanagh of WSB-AM for "WSB Tax Tips."
 Investigative Reporting: "Learning the Hard Way," by Eric Taylor, WSB-AM; "Government Issue Condoms," by Shoshana Edelberg of WUSF-FM; and "Behind the Badge," by Doug Rink of WSB-AM.
 Sports Commentary: Chuck Culpepper, The Lexington Herald-Leader, "Cawood Leaves Emotion to Others as He Begins His Long Goodbye;" "Dancing With Wolves," by S.L. Price, The Miami Herald; and "You Know, Pop, Grass Is Greener for Braves Now," by Ron Green of The Charlotte Observer.
 Serious Commentary: "A Child Wants to Know: 'What Did I Do Wrong?'" by Jane Hansen of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; "Fall From Grace," by Bill Shipp, Atlanta Magazine; and "Citizenship Quest is Her Way of Saying Thanks," by Liz Balmaseda, The Miami Herald.
 Humorous Commentary: Columns written by Ron Wiggins of The Palm Beach Post, Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen, both of The Miami Herald, were the finalists selected by judges in this category.
 Criticism: Composite entries selected in this category include works by Eleanor Ringel of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; Leonard Pitts Jr. of The Miami Herald; and Catherine Fox of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
 Editorials: Editorials selected in this final category feature those written by Deidra J. Smith of The Tomahawk; Jeff Dickerson of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; and Maria Henson of The Lexington Herald-Leader. The Tomahawk is in Mountain City, Tenn.
 Among The Green Eyeshade's four main categories, the entries in the radio competition continued, for a second year, to show an increase based upon the total number submitted in the past.
 The initial round of judging was done by local chapters of The Society of Professional Journalists outside of the 11-state region this competition covers.
 -0- 3/10/92 P
 /CONTACT: Katherine Yancey of The Society of Professional Journalists, 404-496-9957/

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