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FINAL DELIVERY; War letter arives.

A WARTIME letter full of kind words and gossip from home has finally been delivered to D-Day veteran Ken McKernan -- 60 years after it was posted.

In 1944 Ann Buckley put pen to paper and wrote to her friend and former colleague Ken who was serving in Europe.

The Royal Scots fusilier never received the five-page missive and their long distance friendship fizzled out.

A lifetime later, the long-lost letter has turned up in Holland almost six decades after it was sent from Liverpool.

Great grandfather Ken, 79, of Huyton, said: ``I just couldn't believe it. Getting the letter was like a trip down memory lane. It really brought back some memories.

``Ann stopped writing and I never saw her again. I did wonder what happened to her. It would be great to see her again and explain why I never wrote back. ''

The pair met at butcher's shop G F Stansfield, off Breck Road, when Ken was a teenager.

When Ann's husband Charlie was called up the pair worked together for some years before Ken too was called up in 1942.

Ken's wife, also called Ann, said: ``I am intrigued. I would love to meet Ann. Ken was dead excited when he heard about the letter. ''

The search to find the author and intended recipient of the long-lost letter sparked a worldwide search.

A Dutch family found the letter and wrote to Ann's address in Tuebrook to try to find her or Ken.

The new family living there posted the query on the internet and Ken's son, who lives in San Diego, California, spotted it.

A copy of the letter written on December 7, 1944 arrived at Ken's home this week.

Ken and his wife Ann are hoping to solve the mystery when they visit Holland and meet the Dutch family that found it this September.

n CAN you help Ken's search? Contact Mary Murtagh on 0151-472 2504.


DUTY: Ken in his Royal Scots fusilier uniform; MESSAGE: D-Day veteran Ken McKernan finally receives a letter sent to him 60 years ago
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 31, 2004
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