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GRAHAM YOUNG'S GUIDE TO WHAT'S ON THE BIG SCREEN On general release unless otherwise stated.

THE AMAZING SPIDER. MAN 2 .12A.Andrew Garfield has finally made the Peter Parker / Spider-Man role his own. Though underwritten as the Spider-Man obsessed Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx), his energy requirements when he's being transformed into Electro is like James Whale's 1931 Frankenstein. Sideways' star Paul Giamatti has the most fun as Aleksei Sytsevich / The Rhino, a Russian mobster wearing a horned suit of armour. And Dane DeHaan offers shades of DiCaprio as Oscorp's heir Harry Osborn / Green Goblin.

BAD NEIGHBOURS .15.Seth Rogen: young parents are disturbed by students. Funny at times but predictable.

BLENDED .12A.Review page 15.

THE BOOK THIEF .12A.Moving WW2 drama with Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson. Senior Screen, Empire Great Park / Sutton Coldfield, Wed 11am.

D.DAY 70 YEARS ON: LIVE FROM THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL.12A. A unique opportunity to take part in a moving D-Day commemoration, broadcast live in HD. Cineworlds, Friday June 6, 8pm. Running time expected to be 120 minutes.

EDGE OF TOMORROW .12A.Review, page 14.

FADING GIGOLO .15.Struggling bookshop owner Woody Allen hires florist (and director) John Turturro to make money as a gigolo. An adult comedy with Sharon Stone.

GODZILLA .12A.Review page 15.

THE LEGO MOVIE .U.Still showing in some cinemas after opening on February 14 - but that's because it's the animation of the year to date, offering fun for all ages.

MALEFICENT .PG.Review, page 14.

MATISSE LIVE FROM THE TATE MODERN An exclusive behind-the-scenes guided tour of the blockbuster 'Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs' exhibition in HD. Cineworlds, Tuesday 7.15pm.

A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST .15.Review, page 14.

MUPPETS MOST WANTED .U.Kermit faces trouble from a doppelganger - which means not enough Miss Piggy! Empire Great Park, weekend only.

A NEW YORK WINTER'S TALE .12A.Reincarnation drama with Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell. Odeon New Street and Dudley Odeon Thursday, 11am, PS3 inc refreshments. Also at Odeon Broadway Plaza, Wed 11am and Coventry Odeon, Tue 11am.

THE OTHER WOMAN .12A.Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann star in a shrill comedy that ends up wondering how to quit. Like The First Wives Club, it doesn't quite fire on all cylinders. Vue Star City / Showcases.

POSTMAN PAT .U.This colourful animation starts off brightly in a very English way, but nosedives with the 'Simon Cowbell' talent contest saga.

RIO 2 .U.Blue macaws Blu and Jewel have three children in this competent but unadventurous sequel with the usual eco messages about the Amazon. Directed by Carlos Saldanha (Ice Age).

TARZAN .PG.A futuristic German animation shot with motion capture techniques. Not as good as the Disney version, but there's no Phil Collins!

THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY .12A.A beautiful looking, Hitchcockian style adaptation of a thriller by Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr Ripley), with con man Chester MacFarland (Viggo Mortensen) and tour guide Rydal (Oscar Isaac) playing a game of smoke and mirrors over the lovely Colette (Kirsten Dunst). Cineworld Broad Street and The Electric Cinema, Station St.


X.MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST .12A. Jennifer Lawrence (Raven / Mystique) stars alongside Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman. Review, page 15.
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