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SU N DAY ATTACK THE BLOCK CHANNEL 4, 11.35PM In an early role for John Boyega of the most recent Star Wars flick, an inner city gang must save London from very scary man-eating aliens. Funny and frightening in equal doses.

MONDAY TREMORS, ITV4, 9PM Near-perfect cult creature feature in which an American one-horse town is plagued by giant man-eating worms. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, with tongues firmly in cheeks, lead the townsfolk of Perfection to safety.

TUESDAY SHAUN OF THE DEAD ITV2, 9PM Wonderful 'romzomcom' - romantic zombie comedy - with Simon Pegg as Shaun, who finds his life falling apart just as zombies begin to roam through London. Can he save the world? WEDNESDAY THE PALEFACE, DAVE, 11AM Classic comedy in which Bob Hope takes his endless supply of one-liners out West. While investigating who is sending rifles to the Indians, Calamity Jane (Jane Russell) ends up married to a cowardly dentist.

THURSDAY THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK ITV4, 9PM Five years after Pitch Black, Riddick is still on the run when he lands on planet Helion Prime, just as an invading empire arrives to convert or kill all the humans. Vin Diesel stars.

FRIDAY THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, STV, 11.10PM Christopher Lee brings his patented brand of smooth evil to Scaramanga, one of the great screen villains. James Bond is on the trail of a stolen weapon that can harness the sun's heat.

SATURDAY BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 ITV2, 7.50PM Having gone back to 1955, Doc Brown sends Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) to 2015 to save his son. It's just as fun a romp - and as mindbending - as the first smash-hit film in the trilogy.


FUN Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead

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Date:Feb 28, 2016
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