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FILMS: SATURDAY - Pick of the day.

ROCKY III, Sky Cinema 1, 6.00pm (1982) (PG) Sylvester Stallone wrote, directed and starred in this second sequel to the original film. The world heavyweight boxing champion settles down to a life of luxury - but a cloud appears on the horizon in the shape of brutal contender Clubber Lang (Mr T), who demands a shot at the title. Drama, with Talia Shire.

ONE TRUE THING, Film4, 6.30pm (1998) (15) A New York woman gives up a career and rejects her lover to dedicate herself to caring for her sick mother, learning a few harsh lessons about life, love and compassion along the way. Heartrending drama, bolstered by a strong cast, including Renee Zellweger, Meryl Streep, William Hurt and Tom Everett Scott.

JARHEAD, Sky Movies 1, 8.00pm (2005) (15) Premiere. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a fresh-faced Marine whose boot camp training turns into real-life combat when he is sent to Iraq. However, the desert action isn't what the new recruit expected as the willing soldiers are forced to wait for hours in searing heat. Wartime drama, With Jamie Foxx and Peter Sarsgaard

GREASE, Sky Cinema 1, 8.00pm (1978) (PG) Perennially popular rock 'n' roll blockbuster set in the 1950s, starring John Travolta as a rebellious high-school kid who falls for innocent new Australian girl Olivia Newton-John - but risks losing her love by trying to act cool in front of his friends. Stockard Channing, Jeff Conaway, Didi Conn and Barry Pearl co-star.

IN HER SHOES, Sky Movies 3, 8.00pm (2005) (12) Sisters Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette have little in common, one a financially irresponsible flirt and the other a mature and staid lawyer. However, the pair are brought together when they learn of a dark family secret. Drama, based on a novel by Jennifer Weiner, and also starring Shirley MacLaine.

THE TRANSPORTER, Film4, 9.00pm (2002) (15) An underworld courier ends up battling his powerful employers when his conscience gets the better of him - leading to a desperate struggle to bring down the villains' crooked business and stay alive. Entertaining action adventure, starring Jason Statham, Shu Qi, Matt Schulze and Francois Berleand.

COLLATERAL, Sky Movies 2, 10.00pm (2004) (15) At the end of a hard day a taxi driver picks up a sharp-suited fare, who asks to make five stops. When the first drop-off results in a dead body almost plunging through his windscreen, the cabbie realises he's in trouble. Stylish thriller, starring Tom Cruise as the assassin, and Jamie Foxx as the expendable driver.


Collateral, Sky Movies 2 (10.00pm)
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Date:Jan 14, 2007
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