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FILM; One 'Lamha' was all it took.

Mansoor Mujahid's Lamha (Seedlings) has joined the bandwagon of the new wave of cinema that has hit Pakistan and is the internationally acclaimed winner of two awards at the New York Film Festival.

The story of the movie bears some resemblance to the Indian film Talaash (starring Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherjee). A marriage (Mohib Mirza and Aamina Sheikh) is on the rocks following tragedy that befalls the family.

One sees innovative cinematography (kudos to Faraz Iqbal!) and good direction, in the way the drifting apart of the couple is illustrated, employing less dialogue and more thematic scenes, whether it is aggressive scrubbing of the floor or use of silent and tense dinner table scenes. No doubt, the film consists of some beautiful scenes which directly touch the heart of anyone who has felt the grief of losing someone. However, the audio flaws of the film do not do justice to some otherwise beautiful dialogue.

Aamina Sheikh has done justice by moving away from the conventional portrayal of pain through screaming and 'rona dhona'. She comes across as more convincing by focusing on facial expressions.

Sheikh's performance is not matched by that of Mohib Mirza who is not at par with Sheikh. Gohar Rasheed, playing a supporting role in the film, has done a commendable job.

Director Mansoor Mujahid would have earned a pat on the back for keeping well in line with the new wave of cinema, but it seems that some ends were left unattended at the end of the movie. One also cannot overlook the audio-visual flaws in the film, especially in the second half.

Not a preject but an emotional storyline which is worth a few lamhas of your life!

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Date:Nov 30, 2013
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