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FIE Paris.

The Food Ingredient Europe exhibition takes place at Porte de Versailles in Paris from October 4th to 6th. As usual the organisers have arranged an international conference to line up with this useful trade show. Whilst it is not possible to describe all the exhibits that will be seen, a selection of brief notes about some of them appear below.

Avebe b.a.

At the show the company aim to display their latest developments in fat-replacing concepts for light foods, texturizers for tomato-based products and focus on stable tapioca starches in ready-to-eat desserts.

Stable Micro Systems

Stable Micro Systems will be demonstrating their latest generation of computer-controlled texture analyzers. Three new facilities will be shown: thermal analysis from 50 |degrees~ to 260 |degrees~ C, dough stickiness testing and the latest computer software for texture analysis.


This company will be exhibiting a line of new products and a selection of their best sellers.

C*Cream and C*Top are Cerestar's innovative range of modified starches that include instant maize, waxy maize, tapioca and potato grades. C*Pur and C*Sperse are spray dried maltodextrins and glucose syrups. Then their wide range of polyols provide quality and versatility. For lozenges they can supply a range of Sorbidex and Maltidex powders, and for sugarfree candies their Maltidex syrups and Malbit CR powder help control hygroscopicity, transparency and texture in hard candies and improve flexibility and texture in toffee and fruit chews, respectively. Sugar-free and calorie-reduced chocolate can now be produced by using their Malbit CH ingredient. This replaces all the sugar that can be refined, conched and tempered in the same way.

Kelco International Ltd

Kelco will have on display four new items. Keltrol BT is a brine-tolerant xantham gum, Keltrol RD is a readily dispersible xanthan gum, their Kel-Lite CM is a fat-replacement blend and Kellogel gellan gum is their latest gelling and texturing agent that provides the product developer with the opportunity to develop or create textural variations that have never before been possible, they say. Additional benefits include good resistance to thermal processing and stability over a wide pH range.

They say gellan gum can be used to match the present texture of these products, or vary it predictably over a wide range.

Cosucra SA

At the exhibition, Cosucra will be introducing micronized Swelite which, in gel form, can serve as a fat-replacer; Fructuline 95 and 75 which are two new fructose syrups with, respectively, 95 and 75 percent dry matter, the former being suitable for diabetic foods and the latter as an alternative to liquid sugars; and Snowline is an instant fondant powder.

Universal Flavors

At the Paris show Universal are introducing a range of aseptically packed fruit conserves and sauces that herald the installation of a new sterilization and aseptic filling operation in Belgium.

Griffith Laboratories

Griffith will be introducing several new products and ideas at the show, including a breadcrumbs that remain crunchy after being microwaved and an anti warmed-over flavour system that gives precooked end-products a more fresh and juicy sensation, eliminating the 'warmed-over' flavour associated with reheating.

Cacao De Zaan, Kascho and Soboca

These three companies are exhibiting jointly at the show. Cacao De Zaan will be presenting Defatted S, a powder with a maximum fat content of 0.5 percent.

Holgran Ltd

Holgran will be displaying a full product range at FIE, including their latest innovation, Karacter Islands, a new range of specially constructed granules that have been developed to enhance flavour, texture and visual appearance of many types of food product. Six standard varieties are being launched at the show.

The new ingredient complements their extensive portfolio that encompasses products from malted wheat flakes and malt flour to concentrates for malted grain, multi-grain, soft grain and continental breads.

Kikkoman Trading Europe

Kikkoman's naturally fermented soy sauces, in liquid or dehydrated form, are available in eleven strengths and flavourings, and they together with liquid teriyaki, dehydrated seafood extracts, enzymes and a flavour-locking agent called Homolex will all be seen on the stand. Already these soy sauces are widely used but for Western tastes the soy characteristic can be reduced in favour of higher taste intensification.

The Future of Frozen Foods

The Frozen Food Information Service's latest report reveals that the frozen food market has grown 8 percent since the last FFIS report in 1991 to be worth |pounds~3.8bn. at RSP in 1992. Their report entitled Frozen Food into the 21st Century highlights growing trends in the consumption of frozen food, predicting that in 10 years the market will double in growth to be worth |pounds~7bn. This report shows that the UK still leads most of Europe in consumption terms. It examines trends in the market sectors and offers predictions for the future.

Readers wanting to read the full report should contact the Frozen Food Information Service at Bury House, 126-128 Cromwell Road, London SW7, tel: 071-373 7500.

Manual of Internal Logistics

A Manual of Internal Logistics for Companies is the title of a textbook recently published by Jungheinrich, a leading European supplier of industrial trucks and logistics systems.

This text has an informative subtitle, Logistics Systems Using Industrial Trucks. Very practical in its outlook, it provides wide-ranging advice on the correct application of every type of industrial truck, from hand pallet ones to automated guided vehicles. Coverage is included on manual and pedestrian controlled pallet trucks and stackers; electric, liquid petroleum gas and diesel fork lifts; horizontal and vertical order pickers; high rack stackers; automated guided vehicles; tractors; fully automated trucks; and all the many variants found within these broad categories.

This is not simply a catalogue of truck types. The authors aim has been to examine the operational aspects of trucks within a rapidly changing marketplace and to stress the need for a systems approach to the application of specialist handling.

Copies of this 225 page guide can be obtained from Jungheinrich (GB) Ltd of Southmoor Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23, tel: 061-998 7919.

CFA Achieves Success in Europe

Work undertaken by the UK's Chilled Food Association has led to the planned introduction of the first-ever food hygiene guidelines for use across Europe. Development of the European Chilled Foods Code, based on the existing CFA guidelines for British manufacturers, will promote the same high standards for all ECFF member States and organisations, focusing on hygiene controls throughout the production and distribution process.

These guidelines are the first to be produced under the proposed Food Hygiene Directive which allows the development of European codes, setting out specific hygiene requirements for various food product sectors.

The Baby Products Market

The entire baby products market remained buoyant in 1992, with a value growth in excess of 5 percent, despite a marginal decrease in birth rate and the prolonged recession. And 1993 promises to be another good year, even given some continuing uncertainty.

This year's Baby Products Market Report, compiled by the Institute of Grocery Distribution and sponsored by H J Heinz, focuses on all aspects of this growing market for baby products. It covers the increasing demand from consumers for quality, variety and interest, looks at manufacturers' responses to this continuing demand and examines how retailers are modifying their offering to cater for the demands of the 'new arrivals'.

The report covers all aspects of the market but the grocery trade, in particular, did well in 1992. This market includes meals, drinks, milk and rusks and, in total, is now worth |pounds~254.3m., although sales of baby foods through grocers are now worth |pounds~115m., and their share grew significantly in 1992 and continues to increase.

Copies of this report can be obtained through Heinz of Hayes Park, Hayes, Middx.

Facts on Sausages

This is the title of a recent report on a well known food product. It shows that both the retail and catering markets have levelled out during the last two years, and this follows on from a whole of decline. The report also demonstrates that purchasers are tending to look either for premium products or the value-for-money ones.

Research carried out for this report shows up demographic differences in consumption patterns and the fact that chilled sausages are considerably more popular than the frozen variety. Considerable detail is given in this 230 page publication, even down to the average space allocations for different types of sausage in the various types of retail outlet.

Copies can be obtained from Fast Facts Ltd of Hannington Road, Walgrave, Northampton, tel: 0604 781392, at a cost of |pounds~290 + VAT.

New Toxicity Profiles

BIBRA Toxicology International has completed new toxicity profiles on arsine, ethylene glycol monomethyl ether, lithol rubine B, lithol rubine BK and 1,3,5-tri(acrylol) hexahydro-s-triazine. At the same time updated profiles on allyl cyclohexylpropionate, allyl alpha-ionone, citric acid and its common salts, and glycerol have been issued.

These are all for sale from BIBRA at Woodmansterne Road, Carshalton, Surrey, tel: 081-643 441.

Meat Industry Suffering from 'Regulation'

New hygiene regulations imposed on the meat industry since the beginning of this year have led to the closure of more than 200 slaughterhouses. MAFF says these rules are necessary to meet a European Directive. However, hygiene consultant Richard North traces the source of this problem back to the Ministry.

In his latest publication, Death by Regulation - the Butchery of the British Meat Industry, he analyses the web of regulation afflicting the industry. According to the author, the Government's latest regulations actually reduce meat safety and quality and impose excessive costs. To emphasize the problems created by all this 'red tape', Mr North compares the regulations with the actual Directive on which they are based.

Readers wanting a copy of this publication should apply to the Institute of Economic Affairs, 2 Lord North Street, London SW1, tel: 071-799 3745, who are selling copies at |pounds~5.55 each.

Process Solutions Brochure

APV Crawley's capabilities in process engineering for the food industry are highlighted in one of their latest brochures that carries the title Process Solutions.

As many readers will know, their equipment and engineering services range from unit processes to complete process plant and include plant audits, design studies, project management and contract installation. All of these are backed by a total after-sales service package.

Copies of this brochure are being issued by APV Baker Ltd of PO Box 4, Gatwick Road, Crawley, West Sussex, tel: 0293 527777.

Warehouse Design

The Institute of Materials Management have recently published The Principles of Warehouse Design.

This 110 page text takes a systematic approach to the subject, tracing the stages from planning of the operational requirements to the completed design. The contents include project management, quantifying warehouse requirements, layout planning, the impact of information technology, building and environmental issues.

Copies of this text can be purchased from the Institute of Logistics, with whom the IMM has now merged, of Douglas House, Queens Square, Corby, Northants, tel: 0536 20550, at a cost of |pounds~25.00.

Codes of Practice for Food

The Institute of Food Science and Technology has brought out a publication that carries the title Listing of Codes of Practice Applicable to Foods.

Some 400 codes are listed here and they are arranged in groups. There are those with general application across the entire food chain, and they are listed under sections: Good manufacturing practice, hygiene and food safety; Catering; Vending; Packaging; and Agriculture. The food product codes are listed under sections entitled: Bakery and cereal products; Chocolate, confectionery and preserves; Dairy products; Oils and fatty products; Meat products; Poultry and egg products; Fish products; Fruit and vegetable products; Pickles, sauces and seasonings; Infant foods; Organic and health foods; and Novel foods. There is a further section on food process codes that are listed under: Canned foods; Heat preserved plastics packaged foods; Aseptic packed foods; Frozen foods; Chilled foods; Dried foods; Irradiated foods; and Microwaveable foods.

There follow two useful appendices on the Food Safety Act and the issuing or collaborating authorities.

Copies of this publication are obtainable from IFST of 5 Cambridge Court, 210 Shepherds Bush Road, London NW6, tel: 071-603 6316.

New Food Contact Guide for Plastics

A guide to the compliance with EC and UK Regulations Governing Plastics Materials and Articles Intended to Come into Contact with Foodstuffs has been published by the British Plastics Federation.

This guide represents the only current guidance on compliance with UK and EC regulations on food contact plastics. It has been prepared jointly by the BPF, the Food and Drink Federation, the British Retail Consortium, the Local Authority Coordinating Body on Trading Standards, the Association of Public Analysts, the British Adhesives and Sealants Association, the Flexible Packaging Association, the Fresh Produce Consortium, Pira International and the Packaging and Industrial Films Association.

The guide explains the current law emanating from the Directive that covers starting substances for the manufacture of food contact plastics and permitted overall and specific migration of these into foodstuffs.

Copies can be purchased from BPF of 6 Bath Place, Rivington Street, London EC2, tel: 071-457 5000, at a cost of |pounds~41.95.

Sprayball Sizing Chart

Memtech (UK) Ltd of Lion Way, Morriston, Swansea, tel: 0792 310454 have published a new sizing chart that makes it easy to design and select a sprayball for use with CIP systems. As readers will appreciate, the correct sizing and design configuration are essential if process tanks and systems are to be cleaned efficiently to maintain hygienic standards.

This sizing chart covers the full range of their sprayballs and is available as part of their pipe fitting catalogue.
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